SNAG Conference winner!

FRCC student Liz Giles  received a scholarship to attend THE metalsmithing conference in the USA with The Society of North American Goldsmiths.

Each year Camille Rendal submits the name of one student to potentially  receive a scholarship to attend. If we are lucky, one of ours gets selected. Liz Giles was awarded a scholarship to attend the event in Seattle WA last spring.

At right is a photo of all of the students across the country who received scholarships. The next conference in 2012 will be held in Phoenix, AZ.

About the Conference Student Scholarship Fund

The 2011 SNAG conference was a huge success and your contributions to the Conference Student Scholarship Fund helped advance the careers of 27 emerging artists, jewelers, designers, and metalsmiths. The scholarship recipients represented 27 schools across 18 states and 2 countries.

The tremendous impact of your generosity is best stated in one of the students’ own words: “If not for your generous scholarship I would not have had my eyes open to the possibilities of creation within my field. The SNAG conference gave me a sense of place in the community and showed me the potential of where I might fit in, make contribution, and be an active, productive and useful participant in something much bigger than myself.”– Liz Giles, Front Range Community College, Boulder, CO

Yea!!!!! Way to go Liz; we are very proud of your efforts.

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