New Opportunities

We’ve got lots of exciting opportunities coming up for art club members this Spring semester!


Art Club member Nicoli Bowley is also in Student Government and says “we will be hosting a BeadParty for BeadforLife. I was wondering if the Art Club is interested in joining us in hosting it. We are going to do it April 9 and 10, from 10-2 in the commons. We need a body present at the table, but Student Government is lacking in numbers. Let me know if you are interested!” Contact her in Student Life or via email.

The FRCC Spring Student Art Show

The FRCC Spring Student Art Show here on campus is coming right up on April 17th. Art work is displayed in all the art class rooms and speak with your instructor about any special displays or activities you’d like to do. Bring people to see what we do here and how just look looking at art can get you in the mood to be creative!

Book Cover

Art Instructor Tyler Alpern brings this opportunity to design a children’s book cover to our attention:
” My name is Linda Watts. I have written a couple of children’s books that I’m planning to publish through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. I’m planning to start with one book and see how it goes. Before I can publish the book, however, I need a cover. I was wondering if you had any art students who might be interested in doing a simple and colorful cover to convey the theme of the book. The book is 7 chapters long and is about a little girl who finds a fairy. It would be a one-time deal since I don’t expect to make any profit that would result in royalties. I found a couple of graphics online that are close to what I’m looking for. I want something simple, but original. Also, since I’ve never hired an artist before, could you give me an idea of what I should pay? I appreciate your time. If you know of anyone, they can email me at this address  Thanks!

Linda Watts
P.S. I taught at FRCC in the CIS department for almost 10 years!”

 Sweat Equity at the Firehouse Art Center

Joanna Young, Director at Firehouse Art Center, would like to extend an opportunity to Art Club members who would like to teach classes at FAC. They are cultivating a series of free 1-2 hour classes suitable for all ages, and those who donate instruction time will receive FREE rent for equal time of the FAC classroom facility. Teach a  free class (or several) on Saturdays, and then schedule time to teach  your own class(es) for which you charge students! You can also rent the facilities outright without trading, but this “sweat equity” is a fabulous way to start building up your roster of classes without as much financial risk.  Contact the folks at FAC and propose a class at

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