Student Art Sale at FRCC

The student art sale is approaching very quickly –
November 28th  9:30 – 3:00

Inventory forms  and expense vouchers, will be in your mailboxes today or tomorrow for students to fill out their forms.
FACULTY PLEASE assist your students with the forms, often they are filled out incorrectly – or are illegible.
Please  xerox a copy for each student at faculty support – not in classroom)  one copy for themselves, and the originals go to Camille.
I will have stickers for their work to you by Wednesday this week.

Inventory forms are due by next week,  Thursday November 15.

Here are the guidelines:

*Inventory forms and expense vouchers are due to Camille Rendal’s mailbox by November 15th 4PM
*Artworks should be stickered with the inventory number and student initials, and grouped into boxes for easy transport to the sale, and stored in C1020
Works should be placed in the storage room by Tuesday November 27th.  4PM
(The work will be moved to the sale early Wednesday morning.)
* No late inventory forms or late artwork will be accepted
*works that are not labeled, will not be put out for the sale.
* Inventory sheets that are not filled out correctly, may cause the artwork to be eliminated from  the sale.
On the forms, please indicate the sale price, and the amount of the 20% donation back to Art.
In addition fill out the expense voucher sheet, S number, and signature for quick payment to you from the sale.
* All 2D works must be matted or matted and framed
* Jewelry students must be present during the sale to watch their work – they must take work out of the sale  if they leave early.

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