Ceramic Ornament Party This Saturday!

earthclay2I’m bringing in my BIG collection of cookie cutters, and inviting you to come to the ceramics studio this Saturday, October 19th from 10 am- 2pm and we’ll roll out clay, texture it with lace and stamps, and make a big batch of ceramic ornaments.

The FRCC Art Club is sponsoring the upcoming Student Art Sale Wednesday November 20th, and the ornaments we make will be sold there with 100% of the proceeds going to our FRCC Art Club Support the Art Department fund; with recent cuts in funding, the arts  in our school need all the help they can get, as do the artists! The money from the items sold from the FRCC Art Club’s table this semester will go to buy tools and display items for the jewelry and ceramics studio, and proceeds from the Spring Student Art Sale that features 2D work will go to gift those studios (I happen to know we need new easels as many are non-functioning)  with things that will improve students’ art class experiences.

Proceeds from the art that students at the sale create and sell go 100% to support them, their families, and their continued artwork. Buy local and support creative students in your community.

Students, faculty, and club members are all invited to the ceramics studio Saturday  10-2 and we’ll roll out some fun, and be sure to come see how they look on the unofficial non-denominational festival tree at the Student Art Show Nov. 20. We’ll sell them right off the branches, so be sure to come early to see them all.

The Student Art Show this year features the 3D arts, with students selling artwork in ceramics, metal, glass, wood, fiber and textiles, beads, mosaics and more. We’ll have artwork made by faculty and donated on the FRCC Art Club table as well as the ornaments. We’ll have live music supplied by faculty and students, and hot cider, tea, popcorn and cookies.  Join us Wednesday 11-20-2013 from 9am-3pm.

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