Sudent Art Show and Sale Next Wedneday

Fall-SAS-2013The Student Art Show and Sale is this Wednesday, November 20th, from 9 am to 3 pm.

Set up for the show starts at 8 am. We could really use help with putting and with putting out the large signs and the paper and ceramic ornaments that we’ve made for our Support Our Studios table  need to be put on the tree. People who put a monetary donation in the jar at the table get to pick a paper ornament to take in return. We’ll also have $5 and $10 ceramic ornaments for sale, and all the proceeds from those will go to the SOS fund. That money will be used at the end of the semester to buy needed supplies and tools for the Art Studios. (Have ideas to add to the Wish List? send me an email). We’ve got a round two hundred beautiful ornaments made and on hangers!

Showing artists need to be there with merchandise to get set up fast–our biggest crowd is traditionally from 9-noon.

Covered tables and chairs for the vendors are provided. Bring your own display pieces.

Tag your merchandise individually or with signs (“necklaces $20”) to let customers know prices–they don’t always ask.

Vendors make their own sales at this show, so be prepared with change such as singles and fives. How you do the sales tax is up to you–figure it into the price and round up ahead of time or add it on and calculate. The Art Club is not responsible for sales and taxes; this is the responsibility of individual vendors.

Please show your support by helping with this event and invite people to come and attend also–there are 18 showing artists, live music, and refreshments. Its going to be a fun way to celebrate winding up this semester and year.

See you next week!

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