FRCC-Fall-2014 2


The 3D student art show is coming up fast! It’s next THURSDAY! Reserve your space as soon as possible! Contact Ariella at and indicate your needed space on either half of a table or a full table. All artists are responsible for their own sales including sales tax. It is not required to sell anything, though! If you have 3-dimensional work(s) that you would like to display, by all means BRING IT IN! This is a great opportunity to have your work seen and mingle with other artists in the community! If you plan on Holiday shopping, bring some cash that day! ATM’s will be available, and most artists can only except cash!

Also, Bring your art early! The Wednesday, November 19th, before the show the Anarchy Club is hosting an Art Swap! A free, fair-barter exchange ALL DAY in the student commons. Bring in a piece, or pieces of art, or something to barter for another work of art! Get your art out into the world, and in turn receive work from another artist!


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