Art Club Announcements, Meeting Reminder

art club poster board

Welcome to Spring 2015. I hope this finds everyone in a positive start to this semester! Last Tuesday and Wednesday was the club rush and Art Club was there!

Art Club’s first meeting is this Wednesday, February 11th, at 12:30p in the Ceramics room, C1052. We will color and discuss ways to get your art out into the world. Whether you are a knitter, potter, painter, sculptor, mixed media artist, etc., your craft can be profitable! We will also discuss on a Friday meeting in March so look for the meeting minutes to see when our next meeting will be.

Some upcoming events to look forward to: Art Club is having a night out on the town! The First Friday, June 5th, Art Walk on Santa Fe Drive in Denver will host a tour of many different galleries in Denver’s art district. A free shuttle is available and we will have a nice dinner together and stay at a nearby hotel. On Saturday we will meet with a museum curator and one of Denver’s fine resident artists. To reach this goal we will be doing fun fundraisers throughout the semester. So far, we are planning a tie-dye day in March where we will offer t-shirts, hats, socks, etc. to be tie-dyed!! Also, the 2D show is this spring, April 15th, and the art club will have a craft day to make some 2-dimensional art to be sold at the show. We are open to any suggestions and feedback.

The Art Club is looking for officers! The president needs a vice-president, who will be willing to step up to the president’s podium at the end of this semester! We also need a secretary who will be available for meetings (meeting times negotiable to fit this interest). The secretary will be trained to make updates on our website.

Hope to see you all at Wednesday’s meeting!!!!

Your Art Club Pres.
Ariella C,


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