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LONGMONT ART WALK – Saturday, September 19, 2015:

4-8pm on Main Street in Longmont, CO

FRCC Art Club is so excited to participate again in Longmont’s 2015 ArtWalk!  This is a great and FREE opportunity to experience what it is like to be a professional artist!

Over 30,000 people attend ArtWalk- this is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience interacting with potential customers, promote their work, and sell art in the local community!

What: Longmont’s 19th Triannual ArtWalk

“Art that’s worth walking for. On a night worth getting out for.”  

Feel free to check out their website at 

Where: Located in historic downtown Longmont! FRCC’s booth will be located on the EAST side of 4th Avenue (between Main Street and Kimbark Street, in the general vicinity of Ziggis’ Café).

When: Saturday, September 19th , 2015 – ArtWalk will be open to the public from 4-8pm (Tear down @ 8pm). Art Club will be there setting up starting at 3pm. (MUST meet at FRCC at 2pm)


  • Bring your artwork to Leslie in Ceramics (C1052) between 9am-3pm on Monday 9/14, Wednesday 9/16, and Friday 9/18, or on Saturday, September 19th at 2pm by the latest!
    • Submitting artists are REQUIRED to put in at least 1 hour working the booth at Art Walk! We really NEED your help to assist in putting up & tear down.
    • If you have a time conflict- please discuss it with us, as we need to know in advance!
  •  Important: Your unsold merchandise will also be available to pick up at the end, otherwise it will be brought back to FRCC and held in Ceramics.
  • Art Club is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items. That is why we STRONGLY recommend working the booth. Not only will you get to hang out with your awesome FRCC Art Club, you will have the chance to talk to the public, sell your work, give out business cards, keep an eye out for thieves and make sure your art is safe and displayed the right way!  Per Longmont’s guidelines, we must be completely packed up and gone by 8:30pm-no exceptions.
  • There is no limit to the number of items you are allowed to bring to sell. Isn’t that AWESOME? 🙂 As we have multiple students taking advantage of this exciting opportunity, it is likely that not all of your items will be on display at one time. As your items sell, we will put more out, but we want to make sure everyone has space for their work. (Again, if you are working the booth, you can control the order of what artwork is on display)
  • All types of artwork are allowed (excluding drug related, inappropriate, profane or derogatory subjects and perishable food items. If you question if your art falls into one of the excluded categories, please email us.) You may have as many different types of work as you’d like, and art is not limited to academic creations! Examples: jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, photography, mixed media, paintings, sewing, stained glass, drawings, knitting, crafting, etc- your imagination is the limit!


  • Please fill out the master itemized list to bring with your art. (This list is downloadable in the documents section of FRCC Wolf Life). Your master list needs to include each item for sale with your asking price and a description (optional pics are helpful!). This list will be used to pay you for your work and assist with loss prevention, so make sure your items are correct!! Leslie will also have blank copies of the master list available in the Ceramics department, and we will also have extra sheets at Art Walk.
  • See Leslie for pricing stickers, or you may make your own. ALL price stickers must have your 3 initials (First,Middle,Last) and your asking price in clear, legible print. If you are handwriting your price stickers, please write with a marker or pen- something that is easy to read and doesn’t erase!
  • Price your work accordingly! We are happy to make suggestions but recommend at least pricing your work to cover your wholesale costs. Pricing your work based on time, labor, and cost of materials is often the best way to go.General Pricing Guide: Set yourself a sensible hourly wage, add the cost of materials, and make that your asking price. For example: If materials cost $10 and you take 4 hours to make the art at $10 per hour, then you should price your item at $50.
  • Art Club will be in charge of ALL sale transactions. We will accept credit cards and cash from the public. All credit card transactions will be subject to the 3% credit card processing fee. All profits will be available to pick up from FRCC’s ceramics classroom on the first day of summer classes, Wednesday, May 27th (Please contact us if you need to make alternate arrangements). Art Club is taking ZERO cut from your sales. We are happy to offer this experience for you, and hope to make this a biannual opportunity!

If you have any questions, comments, need to arrange alternate pick up/drop off options, get lost on the day of the event, or for anything else, please contact us at:

Eliza Graves, FRCC Art Club President


Leslie Macklin, Ceramics Art Instructor & Art Club Advisor

  • email:
  • cell: (417)773-2125

Lastly, PLEASE tell your friends and family, and spread the word on social media!! We expect a great turnout, and we can’t wait!!!



Eliza Graves

Your FRCC Art Club President






Art Club Meeting Minutes – February 27, 2015

Place: FRCC Ceramic Department, C1052
Time: 2:30 pm

Attendees Present:

  • Leslie Macklin, Advisor
  • Ariella C, President
  • Eliza Graves, Vice President
  • Haley Hoffman, Secretary
  • Alex Skewes, Student
  • Devon Watson, Student
  • Elizabeth Shaw, Student
  • Annie Seipel, Student
  • Robin Hoffmann, Student
  • Chris Boatman, Student

Order of Business: We had a unique and interesting Saltwater Etching Demo on Friday, with a great turnout! Haley brought in finished etching samples and took us through the entire process of etching a design into metal, as well as finishing techniques.

If you are interested in etching at home, please check out this PDF, which explains the process step by step! Click here -> salt etching

Students then created several colorful and fun posters for Art Club, and we discussed upcoming events.


ART CLUB’s Ceramics Workshop on Friday, March 13th and Friday, March 20thil_430xn-70312323 FRCC Art Club will be making ceramic garden stakes (or small individualized creations) to keep! This week we will be designing our clay creations, and the next week we will be glazing our creations. No experience necessary! Normal art club meeting to follow.

ART CLUB’S Tie-Dyeing Fundraiser Event on Monday, April 6th from 12:30-4pm in the Community Room. (C1480) tumblr_mqs0zhU6IV1qe9e91o1_500We will be taking over the community room and courtyard to tie-dye and bleach-dye shirts, socks, hats, and other items! Students have the opportunity to pay for materials and learn how to make their own creations with us, all to support a great cause- ART CLUB!

-Take Back The Night Event on Monday, April 13th from 5:00pm-8:30pm Take Back the Night       Take Back the Night first appeared in Europe in 1976 and has continued throughout the world as a sign of empowerment for women, men and children. This will be the first TBTN event to take place on Front Range’s Boulder County Campus, with goals of raising awareness of sexual violence and to support survivors in their healing. This event will include vendors from community organizations, guest speakers, community interactive pledge activities, a collaborative campus march, and candlelight vigil. Join us as we work toward a violence-free world!

Reconstructing the Past Art Exhibit on Tuesday, April 14th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm in the Community Room A collaborative exhibition by students from Women’s Sexuality, Jewelry, Art, and Women’s History. This project will highlight the experiences of local Jewish women.

2D Art Show on Wednesday April 15th from 9am-3pm. 2D includes any and all types of painting, photography, collages, drawings, etc. Jewelry and ceramics are not included in thisartsupplies00011 show. There will be easels and boards available to showcase your pieces. Artists are welcome to place their items on sale (only if they would like). John Cross is in charge of the show, so please direct all art submission questions to him at He needs a head count in advance, so please let him know ASAP!

ART CLUB- Trash Art creation on Friday, April 17th at 2:30pmtrashbow-all                  EARTH DAY is Wednesday, April 22nd – Art Club will be creating “trash art” to display around campus!! This is a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to our effect on the environment, and display creative solutions to “clean up our act!” Please bring some appropriate trash with you, and we will all pool our resources! Examples: Old newspaper, magazines or ads, aluminum foil, rubber gloves, salvaged wood, toothbrushes, toilet paper rolls, can tabs, bottles, torn clothes, change, cans, broken toys, plastic, etc… No dirty or perishable items please.

– ART CLUB- BIG DAY IN THE BIG CITY on Friday, June 5thDenver Skyline                                Art club will be going to Denver for an all-day field trip! Art Walk on Santa Fe Drive in Denver will host a tour of many different galleries in Denver’s art district. A free shuttle is available up and down Santa Fe Drive to the galleries. We will all go out somewhere fun for lunch, meet with a museum curator and one of Denver’s fine resident artists (Travel to and from Denver will not be provided, however carpooling is available!).

More details to follow!

clubUPCOMING ART CLUB MEETINGS – unless otherwise noted, these are held in Ceramics room (C0158)

  • Friday, March 13th at 3:00pm Student Ceramics workshop- FREE Student Ceramics workshop (PART 1 of 2)! – This week we will be designing our clay creations, and the next week we will be glazing our creations. No experience necessary! Normal art club meeting to follow.
  • Friday, March 20th at 3:00pm Student Ceramics workshop- FREE Student Ceramics workshop (PART 2 of 2) – Glazing Day for our ceramic creations! Normal art club meeting to follow.
  • March 23-27th – SPRING BREAK,
  • Friday, April 3rd at 3:00pm- CRAFT DAY #1- mini canvas painting!
  • Monday, April 6th from 12:30pm-4pm- TIE-DYEING FUNDRAISER in Community Room
  • Friday, April 10th at 3:00pm- CRAFT DAY #2 – TBD
  • Monday, April 13th from 5:00pm-8:30pm TAKE BACK THE NIGHT EVENT
  • Friday, April 17th at 3:00pm- TRASH ART creation workshop for Earth Day!
  • Tie-Dye Fundraising Event: TBD
  • Friday, April 24th at 3:00pm
    • TBD
  • Friday, May 1st at 3:00pm
    • Art Club PARTY (last meeting of the semester!)
  • Friday, June 5th– ART CLUB FIELD TRIP- Art club will be going to Denver for an all-day field trip! Art Walk on Santa Fe Drive in Denver will host a tour of many different galleries in Denver’s art district. A free shuttle is available up and down Santa Fe Drive to the galleries. We will all go out somewhere fun for lunch, meet with a museum curator and one of Denver’s fine resident artists (Travel to and from Denver will not be provided, however carpooling is available!).


Art Club Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2015

Place: FRCC Ceramic Department, C1052
Time: 12:30 pm

Attendees Present:

  • Leslie Macklin, Advisor
  • Ariella C, President
  • Eliza Graves, Vice President
  • Haley Hoffman, Secretary
  • Bri Estrada, Student
  • Xander Waycott, Student

Order of Business:

-Please welcome our new officers! Eliza Graves is our new Vice President, and Haley Hoffman is our new Secretary! We began by updating the Art Club website, in preparation for a great new semester!

-We all had fun with our coloring books, creating marvelous works of art!

IMG_0197(1) FullSizeRender FullSizeRender(5) FullSizeRender(4) FullSizeRender(3) FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender(1)

Whether you are a knitter, potter, painter, sculptor, mixed media artist, etc., your craft can be profitable! We discussed ways of selling your art (ceramics, jewelry, photos, paintings or drawings) locally and online by way of the Boulder County Farmer’s Market, local galleries such as the KCP Gallery on 364 Main Street, commissions and trades for work locally, and online at


-Tie-Dyeing Art Club Fundraiser Event – Date TBD. We will be taking over the community room and courtyard to tie-dye shirts, socks, hats, and other items! Students have the opportunity to pay for materials and learn how to make their own creations with us, all to support a great cause- US!

-In preparation for the 2D Art Show, Art club will have two CRAFTING DAYS on April 4th and April 10th to create 2D fundraising pieces for students to buy and win! There will be an AWESOME raffle with prizes, as well as 2D pieces for sale!

-2D Art Show on Wednesday April 15th from 9am-3pm. 2D includes any and all types of painting, photography, collages, drawings, etc. Jewelry and ceramics are not included in this show

  • There will be easels and boards available to showcase your pieces. Artists are welcome to place their items on sale (only if they would like). If you are feeling especially charitable, pieces can be donated to the Art Club to sell.
  • Open to all students and faculty, this is a wonderful opportunity to get your art out in the community, discuss your pieces with other artists, and make money on them!
  • John Cross is in charge of the show, so please direct all art submission questions to him at . He needs a head count in advance to make sure we are providing enough supplies, so please let him know ASAP!

TRASH ART creation on Friday, April 17th at 2:30pm.


  • EARTH DAY is Wednesday, April 22nd – Art Club will be creating “trash art” to display around campus!! This is a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to our effect on the environment, and display creative solutions to “clean up our act!” Trash and supplies will be provided.


  • Art club will be going to Denver for an overnight field trip! Art Walk on Santa Fe Drive in Denver will host a tour of many different galleries in Denver’s art district. A free shuttle is available up and down Santa Fe Drive to the galleries. We will have a nice dinner together at a restaurant and stay overnight at a nearby hotel. On Saturday we will meet with a museum curator and one of Denver’s fine resident artists. (Travel to and from Denver will not be provided, however carpooling is available!)


(held in Ceramics room -C0158)

  • Friday, February 27th at 2:30pm
    • Student Jewelry demo – We will have a student demonstration of saltwater etching!
    • Afterwards, we will be making 11×16 posters for the art club! (and coloring, of course!)
  • Friday, March 13th at 2:30pm
    • Student Ceramics workshop- We will be making ceramic garden stakes to keep! No experience necessary! Normal art club meeting to follow!il_430xn-70312323




  • Friday, March 20th at 2:30pm
    • Glazing Day for our ceramic stakes!
    • Normal art club meeting to follow
  • March 23-27th SPRING BREAK
  • Tie-Dye Fundraising Event: TBD
  • SPECIAL TIME: Saturday, April 4th from 10am-3pm CRAFT DAY#1
    • Make pieces to fundraise for upcoming 2D show
  • Friday, April 10th at 2:30pm- CRAFT DAY #2
    • Make pieces to fundraise for upcoming 2D show
  • Friday, April 17th at 2:30pm- TRASH ART creation workshop for Earth Day!
  • Friday, April 24th at 2:30pm
    • TBD
  • Friday, May 1st at 2:30pm
    • Art Club PARTY (last meeting of the semester!)
  • Friday, June 5th & Saturday, June 6th– ART CLUB BIG NIGHT OUT IN DENVER
    • More details to follow

Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 p.m.  (Meetings are not normally this long!)  🙂




November Meeting Minutes
In attendance: Ariella C, Leslie, Devon, Bryan, Bri, Kimmy, Tiara, and Alex

We had our last formal meeting of this semester today! The pizza was delicious!

The 3D Art Show/Sale delegations were finalized, but we don’t have a final table count! If you, or anyone you know, are interested in selling and/or showing work in the Student 3D Show on November 20th from 9am – 3pm, please realize that time is flying by and that Thursday will come up fast. Please refer your space needed to Ariella at as soon as possible!

We are having an Art Club Party on Monday, November 10th in the Community Room (C1480) from 12:30 to 2. Please stop by in support of the BBC Art Club! We will have cookies and tea, and we will create superb origami creations together!

party flyer

One last announcement! The Anarchy Club is doing an ART SWAP the day before the 3D Sale. Wednesday, November 19th, the student commons area will be a place of free, fair-barter exchange ALL day! Bring in a piece, or pieces of art, or something to barter for another work of art! Get your art out into the world, and in turn receive work from another artist!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Your Art Pres.
Ariella C

October Meeting Minutes

in attendance:
Ariella, Robin, Frenne, Kaya, and Devon

Chalk event was, yet again, a success and photos of the results are now on the website under the “What’s Happening” menu! Check them out!

We had our second meeting of the semester Thursday Oct. 2nd, and we met with a representative from the Student Government Association to talk about our role in their upcoming Trick – or – Treat street for the elementary students of Longmont. There is no longer a Longmont mall to hold the event so the idea is to create another safe place where parents can bring their children for the trick – or – treating tradition. We will be creating felt table decor with Halloween themes in mind to decorate for the event. What we create will be priced and sold at the event to fund raise for our summer trip. Please join us at KCP Gallery, 364 Main Street (two doors North of the Muse Gallery), to craft fun felt decorations this Friday, October 10th from around noon to 3pm, or the following Saturday, October 18th from around noon to 3pm. All material will be available at the gallery. Just bring your body and creativity!

Don’t Forget! The 3-D student art show is coming up! On Thursday, November 20th we will have tables set up by 9am. The show goes until about 3pm. If you would like a table to display and sell your art please rsvp me at We will need a table count by, at least, the Wednesday before. Thanks!

Our next formal meeting is set for the first Thursday, November 6th @ 3:30. We will discuss and plan a potential student party to get more people interested in the club and further plan for the 3-D show that month. If you would like to be involved and have any ideas related to the club, and/or wont make it to the meeting email me at the above address!

Happy Halloween!
Your Pres. Ariella!


September Meeting Minutes

in attendance:
Sarajane, Ariella, Robin and John Cross

We had our first meeting of the semester, and agreed to meet on the first Thursday of the month in the Drawing room at 3:30 pm. We’re also going to meet as needed to plan upcoming activities such as our sidewalk chalk event–to happen on a Wednesday soon, watch your email!

Faculty and student members of the Art Club have work on display as Featured Artists at KCP Gallery this month. At 364 Main Street , we are two doors up from the Muse Gallery. There will be a reception with the artists on 2nd Friday, September 12th, from 6pm-9pm.

At KCP Gallery, we offer the work of 46 local artists on consignment. Talk to Sarajane if you’d like to have your work included! We review artists once a month.

Also the  Student 3d Art Sale is coming up November 20th, and students and members are encouraged to display and sell their work. the hours are 9-3pm; talk with John Cross or Sarajane about being involved.

The club is planning upcoming activities as well as fundraising projects so that we can do something as a group such as go to see art in other cities. Got some ideas? reply to this email, or come in to the next meeting October 2.

August 18 update

A new semester is beginning, and The KCP Gallery at 364 Main Street in Longmont is hosting a month long exhibition of art from FRCC Art Club Members in September 2014. FRCC students and faculty members of the Art Club will be the Featured Artists of the month, and can fill three walls in the gallery. There will be a reception on the 2nd Friday of the month, and these receptions so far have been very well attended and received. Artwork is needed by August 31.

May 07 Meeting Minutes

The last FRCC Art Club meeting of Spring Semester was held May 7.

In attendance were:
Sarajane Helm – secretary
Lee Waldman  – president
Mercedes Lindenoak  – vice president/membership
Jake Everett
Makenzie Davis
Ariella Chipps
Kevin Gibes

Lee called the meeting to order. It was agreed that the club is growing and performing a valuable service by spreading the word about art happening at FRCC and in the community via shows and events.
It was decided to meet in Fall semester twice a month, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday at 3:30, in whichever art room is available for the meeting. The majority of club business details will occur at the first meeting, and then we will also attend to the business of art and how artists can earn a living. Possible subjects of discussion include Kickstarter campaigns, scholarships, writing and applying for grants, internships and other ways of being a working artist.

New Officers were needed for Fall semester. Proposals were made, accepted, and seconded, then we voted. Unanimous agreement now finds our officers to be:

Mercedes Lindenoak – president
Ariella Chipps – vp membership
Sarajane Helm – secretary

Mercedes reminded us about SMART goals–Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Rewarding, Timely

Mercedes proposed that a mastermind group meet in Boulder at her house, during the summer at a time to be announced.

She also proposed a trip to the museum.

We agreed to do the sidewalk chalk event again at the beginning of the Fall semester, on a Wednesday, as it is a great way to introduce the campus to a bit of temporary color and permanent availability of art classes at FRCC. We have already got some chalk and make some more. We’ve also learned that ordinary cheap charcoal briquets can be used as black chalk –it comes right off with a hose or rain–and now we’ll have black chalk to add to the pallet!

Enjoy your art!

March 05 Meeting Minutes & Updates

The March meeting was led by Lee Waldman and Mercedes Lindenoak, who gave a workshop on the business aspects of art, More than a dozen members attended (Mercedes, add the list here please). Sarajane Helm attended briefly to discuss old business and the upcoming gallery/show opportunities, then had to leave (so the meeting minutes will end here for the moment, until Mercedes or Lee can help me add to them).

We have LOTS of artistic opportunities!

Lee asks those who are interested in showing work at the Firehouse Gallery April 9-April 20 to contact him now at  This show is held in conjunction with juried art from highschools in the area, and shows a lot of talent out there. Lets make sure we have some creative representation in this show from the next rung up on that art/school ladder. We promote ourselves as artists, our work, FRCC and the instructional opportunities we have here, every time we show our work to others.

On that note, The KCP Gallery at 364 Main Street in Longmont is hosting a month long exhibition of art from FRCC Art Club Members in September 2014. We will be the Featured Artists of the month, and can fill as much of the gallery with work as we choose, to show. There is a LOT of wall space, table space, and several card racks. There will be a reception on the 2nd Friday of the month, and these receptions so far have been very well attended and received.

Contact Lee,  Mercedes or Sarajane to let us know you are interested in participating.

That’s all for now, please do come to the next meeting on Wednesday April 2 in the Drawing Room.

February 05 Meeting Minutes

John Cross, Mercedes Lindenoak, Lee Waldman and Sarajane Helm met and filled out the paperwork that allows us to continue as a FRCC Student Club. Our constitution and other club information can be found on this website. Mercedes has plans for future meetings and events to help promote the artclub, art classes, and continued cooperation with local galleries. She is also the featured artist for March at the Kay Carol & Priscila |Gallery and Working Art Studio–the Artist Reception is Friday March 14th at 364 Main Street in Longmont. The Muse Gallery and the Firehouse Art Center also offer opportunities for us to show our work. If you are interested in being a consignment artist at KC&P, read our policies here

The next meeting in Wednesday March 5 at 3:30pm in the drawing room, and Mercedes has information for artists to help them promote their work.

February 02 Update

John Cross is continuing as our club’s aculty advisor. Lee Waldman has agreed to accept the glorious mantle of president (which looks oddly like a dropcloth) and take on duties therein: he’ll be putting together the upcoming April show at the Firehouse, and directing things that happen for the Spring Student Art Show and which will feature 2D art. Mercedes Lindenoak is taking on the role of vice president of membership, and I will continue for now as secretary, bringing you the updates and meeting notes. One of jobs this semester is to seek out and find our replacements. Who out there would like to see more about what it takes to put on a show–or several–plus other great creative events, run a club, update a website…there are lots of ways to get involved in the local arts community starting right here on campus.

Our meetings this semester will be held in the drawing room, on the first Wednesday of each month, from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. Members are encouraged to attend if possible, or to participate via email or meetings arranged at other times. This semester we have multiple event opportunities and will need an abundance of assistance AND art.  Our first meeting is this Wednesday February 5.

January 08 Update

We’re getting ready to start Spring Semester 2014, and there are opportunities already starting to appear. Kay Carol & Priscila | Gallery and Working Art Studio is having a grand opening event February 14th, with a card making party, and live music.

We are featuring Heart Art during the entire month of February. Art at the gallery is now on a consignment basis with 35% of sales going to the gallery and no application fee.  Heart Art needs to be submitted for review and brought to the gallery before January 28th. All media are considered as long as it features a heart! We have room for paintings, photos, jewelry, sculpture…contact me.

We have a student art sale for 2D art coming up at the end of the semester, taking place at school. We also have a show scheduled at the Firehouse Art Center for the end of April. If you are interested in participating, contact me as soon as possible.

The art club is seeking officers–do you want to learn how to set up and publicize a show? Would you like to have some great stuff on your resume about leadership, and community outreach? Become more involved in your art club, and there are benefits for the club, the school, the local community and you! Respond via email, let’s talk!

I’m sending an email invitation to everyone on our mailing list to join the mailing list at KCP Gallery. We’re offering classes in the business of art and much more–join the newsletter mailing list and keep up on what is going on, just a few doors up from the Muse, a couple of blocks away from the Firehouse Art Center, and right in the middle of Longmont’s up and coming downtown arts district.

December 12 Update

Hi there everyone!

I hope your Fall Semester ended well, and that you are enjoying the break before next year starts up again.

Our popup gallery at 364 Main Street looks great and will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday through December AND January. We are working with Marcelo Fernandez to create an ongoing relationship with future gallery possibilities as well. We still have plenty of wall room there–if you are interested in showing and selling your work through the great arrangement we now have, please do contact me. After this, we will be going to a straight fee and percentage deal better than most galleries by far but still not great deal he has gifted us with this month–$30 to show your work, no commission on sales. I’m a little surprised that only a handful of members have taken advantage of this great opportunity so far! Thanks go out to Laura Humenik, Ron Schmidt, Lee Waldman, Bryan Helm and Mercedes Lindenoak for participating. Their work is of exceptional quality–and looks GREAT in the gallery! Do come see.

This Friday and Saturday evenings we will be open at the gallery for Second Friday and Artwalk events with the Parade of Lights happening Saturday as well. Do come show your support for local art and local artists, and bring a friend!

Take a look at the new website to see a calendar of upcoming events and classes.

December 4 Update

We’re having a Grand Opening Party with lots of local art and gift items at great prices and hot music from Michael DeLalla, Bryan Helm, Justin Fulford, and the Tim Hill Combo . Please join us from 10 am to 7 pm at 364 Main Street Longmont CO; live music starts around 2pm. Invite your friends and family and join us for a warming healthy dose of local color!

More info and a calendar can be found at

November 25 Update

hi there everybody!

The Student Art Show went well, with lots of great work and beautiful music–even some sales! We raised $295 in donations and sales of donated ceramics. That money is funding purchases need by our studios–I’ll send out the pic of what all we are getting later this year.Thank you to everyone who participated in one way or another.

We have a wonderful opportunity! Marcello Fernandez is buying the space at 364 Main St, where the quilt store used to be, two doors down from the Muse Gallery.

He has plans for cooperative artist gallery and studio space there, and we have worked out an arrangement with him to have a popup gallery space there until the end of the year. I’m setting up display areas today.   interested art club members and faculty can be a part of the exhibition for a $30 fee, no commission on sales. The building is secure, the owners have insurance, and we’re going to make it look fabulous for the next 6 weeks! We will keep it open F-Sat-Sun as much as possible, and I will need help manning the store. It’ll be hard to catch me by phone, but I’ll be checking email every day. Leave a phone number if you want me to call. Check the link to the popup to see what’s new on the calendar–I’ll be adding things like opening receptions and parties and classes as well as open hours for the gallery.

Send an email if you want to be a part of this popup experience and we’ll set a time for you to bring in work!! I have an inventory list for people to fill out, as we did for the gallery shows at the Firehouse.

Happy holidays and creative fun time to you all over break,


November 16 Update

The Student Art Show and Sale is this Wednesday, November 20th, from 9 am to 3 Pm.

Set up for the show starts at 8 am. We could really use help with putting and with putting out the large signs and the paper and ceramic ornaments that we’ve made for our Support Our Studios table  need to be put on the tree. People who put a monetary donation in the jar at the table get to pick a paper ornament to take in return. We’ll also have $5 and $10 ceramic ornaments for sale, and all the proceeds from those will go to the SOS fund. That money will be used at the end of the semester to buy needed supplies and tools for the Art Studios. (Have ideas to add to the Wish List? send me an email). We’ve got a round two hundred beautiful ornaments made and on hangers!

Showing artists need to be there with merchandise to get set up fast–our biggest crowd is traditionally from 9-noon.

Covered tables and chairs for the vendors are provided. Bring your own display pieces.

Tag your merchandise individually or with signs (“necklaces $20”) to let customers know prices–they don’t always ask.

Vendors make their own sales at this show, so be prepared with change such as singles and fives. How you do the sales tax is up to you–figure it into the price and round up ahead of time or add it on and calculate. The Art Club is not responsible for sales and taxes; this is the responsibility of individual vendors.

Please show your support by helping with this event and invite people to come and attend also–there are 18 showing artists, live music, and refreshments. Its going to be a fun way to celebrate winding up this semester and year.

See you next week!

October 23 Update

Things are coming together quickly for the Student Art Show and Sale Wednesday Nov. 20th. There’s a new music club at FRCC, and we will work together to have live music all day at this event! (Or as much of the 5 hours as we can fill, and we already have several slots filled with great musicians…some ambient or classical, some not!)

We have requested 15 tables/spaces to split up between artists selling their work. It does NOT have to be work that was created in class but does have to be original work. We will work to fit everybody in that wants to do this sale (we can get more tables, and several artist who don’t have a lot of inventory can share a table as well.

There are no fees and no commissions. You don’t have to fill out an inventory–you DO have to watch your table and run your own sales.That’s all very different from how things have gone before, and we’re going to give this method a try and see how we like it. If you want to take checks, you can, if you have a phone with a Square or other sales app you can run credit card sales. Sales tax collection and income reporting are the responsibility of the seller.  You can build the tax into your sales and figure it out later while making the making change thing easier. $5, $10, 15, $20….I like to use all easy to add numbers! Bring single dollars, fives and a ten or two for making change. We also have ATMs in the Commons area for customers to use.

So far on the list I have:
Linda Parks – jewelry
Erin – jewelry
Josh Betz – mosaics
Sarajane Helm – jewelry, ceramics, textiles
Bryan Helm – mosaics
Annie – needlework, textiles
Nicolle Pratt – jewelry
Mercedes Lindenoak – jewelry, beadwork
Margie Drake – jewelry, glass
Lee Waldman – woodwork
Jessica Perez – ceramics, jewelry
Dawn Maggio – ceramics
Marcella Moy – jewelry, chocolate

We will have an FRCC Art Club table at the sale with a holiday tree and ornaments that we are making out of paper and ceramics. The ceramic ornaments will be for sale and the paper ornaments will be given with a donation to the Support the Art Studios fund jar. We’re making them, and if you’d like to help make them, please come on in to the watercolor room Friday Oct 25 any time from 11-3pm  or the ceramics room Saturday Oct 26 any time from 11-3pm. We had a lot of fun last week, and will again!

October 14 Update
Ceramic Ornament Party This Saturday!

I’m bringing in my BIG collection of cookie cutters, and inviting you to come to the ceramics studio this Saturday, October 19th from 10 am- 2pm and we’ll roll out clay, texture it with lace and stamps, and make a big batch of ceramic ornaments.

The FRCC Art Club is sponsoring the upcoming Student Art Sale Wednesday November 20th, and the ornaments we make will be sold there with 100% of the proceeds going to our FRCC Art Club Support the Art Department fund; with recent cuts in funding, the arts in our school need all the help they can get, as do the artists! The money from the items sold from the FRCC Art Club’s table this semester will go to buy tools and display items for the jewelry and ceramics studio, and proceeds from the Spring Student Art Sale that features 2D work will go to gift those studios (I happen to know we need new easels as many are non-functioning) with things that will improve students’ art class experiences.


Proceeds from the art that students with tables at the sale create and sell go 100% to support them, their families, and their continued artwork. Buy local and support creative students in your community.

Students, faculty, and club members are all invited to the ceramics studio Saturday 10-and we’ll roll out some fun, and be sure to come see how they look on the unofficial non-denominational festival tree at the Student Art Show Nov. 20. We’ll sell them right off the branches, so be sure to come early to see them all.

Are you interested in selling or donating your work–maybe a little of both? The Student Art Show this year features the 3D arts, with students selling artwork in ceramics, metal, glass, wood, fiber and textiles, beads, mosaics and more. The work doe NOT have to be made in classes, but does need to be original work of the artist. There is no percentage of work being paid to the school now, and no fee for artists to sell from a table, so this is the perfect opportunity to show what you do to the buying public here at FRCC. Artists are responsible for making their own sales, so there is no inventory to fill out. Student Life and the Art Club will provide covered tables and chairs, sales receipt books for the artists, and sellers are responsible for everything else. Bring business cards, display items, bring plenty of change and any wrapping paper, bags or boxes needed to pack your sales (brown paper sandwich bags are handy!)

We’ll have artwork made and donated by faculty and club members on the FRCC Art Club table as well as the ornaments. We’ll have live music supplied by faculty and students, and hot cider, tea, popcorn and cookies. If you are interested, reserve space now with a quick email reply.

Finally, to help you stay caught up, there is an email subscribe button on the website now, and if you sign up, you’ll get notifications and new posts in email.


Sept. 25 Meeting Minutes 12-1 pm Commons
In attendance were:

John Cross – faculty advisor
Sarajane Helm – secretary
Josh Betz – president
Lee Waldman
Mercedes Lindenoak

The meeting took place in the Commons during the Arts Parts garage sale. Josh and Sarajane had items to sell and trade, and John Cross brought in and donated items for sale to benefit the Club as well. $40 was raised to cover the cost of one vinyl banner ( 2’x8′ ) from VistaPrint) and sales and trades were enough that we’d like to do it again next year, or perhaps next semester towards the end–this needs to be discussed further.

We discussed preparations for the Chalk-a-Block Event and the upcoming meeting schedule. It was decided to move the meeting time to 1-2 on the last Wednesdays of the month.

The website has moved to a new host and has a Subscribe button that allows readers to subscribe via email. Any posts, including open studio closures, will be sent immediately to subscribers’ emails. There is also a calendar with upcoming events and a meeting dates box in the right hand column.

Want to learn more about the website, how to put text and images on your page and even how to run your own site? Come to our meeting and special event October 30th from 12-2 and learn about WordPress Content Management Systems.

In our November meeting on Wednesday 10-13 we’ll be talking about promotions, advertising and displays while preparing for the Student Art Show on Wednesday November 20th from 9-3 pm. There’s live music, lots of art, and refreshments planned, so be ready to tell everybody and bring them along to celebrate creatively.  We agreed to budget $50 for apple cider and cookies for refreshments as well as popcorn.

If you or an artist you know has been financially impacted by the recent flood, you may wish to contact CERF. Here’s more information about what the Crafters Emergency Relief Fund is offering to artists in need:

The English Department and the Design Committee invite all faculty and students to display their published writing in a gallery as part of our NDoW celebration. The gallery will run from Oct. 7th to Oct. 21st. We would like to include as many authors as possible. Provide a copy of the publication to the mail box of Michael Barber at Faculty Support by Monday Oct. 6th or contact John Cross or Sarajane Helm.



Aug. 28 Meeting Minutes 12-1pm art rm C1008
In attendance were:

John Cross – faculty advisor
Sarajane Helm – secretary
Kiki Valladares – vp membership
Lee Waldman
Mercedes Lindenoak
Bryan Helm

  • Open Meeting: sign in
  • Review Old Business:  We pulled up the website and reviewed the most recent update and read through the paper handout of the previous versions  of the club purpose and the club constitution.
  • We discussed previous events such as club rush, art concrete, and student sales and shows.
  • New Business: John Cross was invited to be our advisor and accepted.
  • Sarajane nominated Josh Betz for president and Kiki Valladares for vice president membership. Kiki nominated Sarajane for secretary.
  • Sarajane proposed changes to the constitution to bring it in line with new college wide regulations that allow membership from the community as well as from within the school, though officers must be currently enrolled and carrying a grade-point average higher than 2. A vote was held and the new constitution was accepted. It is available for review on a page here and will be submitted to Student Life.
  • Lee opened a discussion on ways to encourage membership in the club, and Kiki will create a display for Club Rush days Sept 4-5 in the Commons, and be there to speak with students some of the time. Sarajane will also be there some of the time,
  • We discussed and approved an Art Concrete Event to take place Wednesday, Sept.18 outside (weather permitting) on the sidewalks all around Buildings A and B, not including doorways.
  • As another group had booked the Commons area for Sept. 18th, we will hold our Art Supply Garage Sale Sept. 25th instead, and have applied for and received permission to use the area. Club members and faculty are encouraged to book free table space and dig through your old art supplies, components, bits and pieces as well as tools, display or other art related items that you don’t want to keep. Mark them at low prices and clear out some space or trade for other items you’ll find there. Be creative, and see what you find! (I got some fabulous things last year that I’ve used in new art, and got rid of stuff that had been sitting here unused for a while.) Student Life will supply us with tables, covers, and use of the tea/hot water urns as well as the popcorn machine at this event and at the Student Art Show | Sale Nov. 20th
  • Expenditure Review: The Art Club has a budget of $165  for this semester, which must be spent by the end of the semester. We discussed and approved Camille’s request that we buy another 8’x2′ vinyl banner (Student Art Show | Sale) from Vista Print. The club approved purchase ($50 budgeted) of the first one Spring 2013, and review shows the quality is worth getting one for the other side of the building as well. As we were told to wait for reimbursement then, both receipts will be submitted along with the Purchase Forms to Student Life. They are durable, brightly colored and should be very visible from a distance.
  • We also approved the purchase of $30 worth of chalk and cookies for an Art Concrete Event and the correct forms will be submitted to Student Life.
  • Future expenses will include payment for our domain name registration (website) and for refreshments at the Student Art Show | Sale.
  • Future Meetings: Meetings will be he held on the last Wednesday of the month unless otherwise scheduled. Our next meeting is scheduled for September 25, the same day as the Art Supply Garage Sale, so we will meet there in the Commons and peruse all the potential treasures that somebody else doesn’t really want to keep–bring your own and trade, or book a table by contacting Sarajane. More details will be available soon, watch your email! As always, members are encouraged to discuss things via emails and are not required to attend (but are very welcome!!)
  • Ended Meeting

Fall 2013 Update

Beginning this semester, the clubs at FRCC have a new coordinator, and we’re starting fresh with a new member list. To be added as a member, contact club secretary Sarajane Helm with your name and email address.

We have activities lined up already, and we’ll be adding more, including the Visiting Artist Series, Matting and Framing Demos, and Special Art Critique Sessions, which I can tell you are all VERY helpful.

  • Club Meetings Meetings will be held in the 2d drawing room on the last Wednesday of each month from 12-1pm. Those dates are: Aug 28, Sept 25, Oct 30  and in November on the 13th, which is the exception. That will help us get ready for the upcoming Student Art Show and Sale in November, which is the next week–then Thanksgiving and the end of the semester after that!
  • Wednesday September 25 10-3pm
    Art Parts Garage Sale Event
    Weed out the things you don’t want to keep and sell them, and find treasures on the other tables too. This is your chance to move along those partly used or still unused art supplies, paper and collage materials, beads, storage and display pieces, artwork seconds that can be cut up and recombined–anything you don’t love enough to keep, someone else probably will! Don’t just keep it in a box or throw it away, bring it to the sale. We will have a box for donations after the sale that will be taken to a local elementary school art department if you don’t want to take things back home.
  • Wednesday October 30  12-2pm
    Special Meeting Activity--Wordpress Website
    Learn how to use free tools from wordpress to create and manage your member page on this website, or start your own website. Find out where to take it even further with classes or consultations.
  • Wednesday November 13  12-2pm
    Special Meeting Activity--Promotions and Displays
    At this club meeting, we will discuss promotional methods for shows including successful press releases, evites and fliers and postcards, business cards and brochures as well as displays and tips for an optimal show experience. We will have fliers for members to give out to promote next week’s Student Art Show.
  • Wednesday November 20 9am-3pm
    Student Art Show and Sale
    The Annual Student Art Show and Sale includes the work of students, and club members. Beginning this year, we will separate the 2D and 3D events, with Fall being 3D (jewelry, ceramics, sculpture, assemblages, etc). Club members will take on more of the promotion and organization of the show,  and this is a great chance to learn how to to do that so get involved! Talk with your art instructors or check back here for more details as the semester progresses. We’ll have a great selection of items that will be perfect for gift giving, and we will promote it within the school and the community.

Here’s a picture from last semester’s Ceramics classes with Toby Huffman.

February 14th 2013 Meeting Minutes
1:00pm-1:30 PM the meeting was moved to room C1062 –

Josh Betz, Sarajane Helm, Pat McClure, Moss Butler, Maggie Orr, John Cross,
Old Business:
As no one else came forward with nominations/volunteers, those present voted to approve Josh Betz as club President for 2013, and Sarajane Helm as club Secretary. We need more involvement by our members so that we can go forward with activities in future semesters–some of these things, like gallery events,  take planning a year ahead of time, so get involved now to promote your art later!

New Business:

We welcome new members Lee Waldman and Maggie Orr.

We voted to approve payment for the domain redirect of our website through WordPress. This allows us to have instead of and avoids us having to pay for web hosting. The cost is $18 per year, and Sarajane has paid for the previous two years.

We voted to approve payment for the previously discussed 8’x1′ vinyl full color banner from VistaPrint that will say “Student Art Show” and will be used in upcoming Spring and Fall Shows at FRCC. This will be purchase when on sale in the upcoming weeks.  (Approximately $30 instead of $50 plus shipping)

We have voted to hold a Spring Cleanout Art Supplies Sale and have approval for Friday, March 22 in the Commons by Door 4. Clean out those piles of supplies for projects you just are not going to get to, and bring them in to sell. Price the items reasonably to sell for enough to buy yourself some NEW art supplies, and yet still make somebody else’s creative day, plus clear up some studio space at the same time. This isnt for finished products, but for that stuff you know you can let go; those goodies suitable for art projects, collage, repurposing, and the media you just don’t do any more, or have too much of to be able to use up.

To be a vendor at this event, you must be a current FRCC Art Club member, and rules for clubs have changes this semester; we need to show Student Numbers for our membership listing and turned it in to Student Life. So send an email in response to this one confirming your interest in selling and include your S number and name. Student’s will donate 10% of their sales to the Art Department for the purchase of student art supplies at Camille Rendal’s discretion. If you barter, donate 10% of the value. All vendors are in charge of selling their items and taking the money/making change/reporting any income as taxable–we are not doing that part through Student Life any more. We will also welcome any art donated for sale as Art Department fundraisers.

That will be also hold true at future Student Art Show/Sales events on campus. John Cross and Camille have asked that the Art Club take over set up and tear down as well as help coordinate the Spring and Fall Shows on campus. Focus will now be on showing and selling 2D artwork at the Spring Show, and ceramics and metal/jewelry at the Fall Show. Students do not have to sell their work, but can show it marked NFS.

We will continue to look for other venues to promote classes and art sales by faculty and student artists. Possible options for future discussion include purchasing a cooperative booth at an ArtWalk or MainStreet event in Longmont, or a similar event in Boulder. Another possible event to investigate is the painting/decoration of power boxes across the street. These outdoor public art projects have funding attached that covers expenses for the materials, plus a bit extra.

We will meet again in the Jewelry room Thursday, February 28th  from 1-1:30 pm

February 8th 2013 Update

hi there FRCC Art Club members!
Here we are. several weeks into the new Spring Semester. We still need to elect a new president and secretary. So far, we have nominations/volunteers for:
Josh Betz for President
Sarajane Helm for Secretary
and John Cross is returning for another semester as one of our our advisers.

We are going to have a meeting to discuss activities for this and the next semesters that will include a possible art supply “garage sale” event (bring what you want to weed out, then find new goodies!) and also it has been suggested that the Art Club take over the student art sale responsibilities.

There are  Visiting Artists coming to FRCC and also demos by the Boulder Metalsmiths here on campus–be sure to check in to the website to see upcoming events listed.

We’ll meet in the Drawing room 1008 at 1-1:30 on this Thursday. If you can’t make it in person, please take a moment to reply in email to approve Josh and me for officers, or to suggest other candidates.

I hope to see you there!

hello there instructors!
Would you all please remind your students this week that there is an upcoming FRCC Art Club meeting Thursday 02/14 at 1pm in the Drawing room?

Also please remind them that art club members have a free page on our website and can post their info and images there, and link to their own websites if they have them. So can you–if you arent already, just send me your URL and I will put in the link.  also lists all the current Open Studio hours in the right hand column at top. Studio Monitors who need to change their hours for a day post notices there on the site as well.

December 19 2012 Update

Hi there fellow FRCC Art Club Members!

Its been a very busy and productive year for me and for us as a club. Now it is time to make plans for 2013’s upcoming Spring and Fall Semesters. I’ve had a great time as President of our club, and I’ve learned tremendous amounts about putting on gallery shows, running sales, and the administrative end of school clubs too. I’m due to graduate soon and need to focus my time on that as well as health and personal issues, so now its time for me to pass the torch while I’m still here as a member to support and inform club activities. So, I am stepping down as President and calling for an election of a new President and Secretary. Josh Betz is our current Secretary and will hold the reins until we nominate and elect new officers, and I will continue to post information on the website as we make this changeover.

What about you? Do YOU want to become more involved in the workings of this club? Step right up and volunteer your nomination!


October 1 Update

The Creative Celebrations sale at the Firehouse Art Center is right around the corner! We have fliers printed up and available in the art rooms, and it would be great if every member gave out a few or put them up in places that allow that. We’ve already got them at the Longmont Library, Rec. Center and Museum as well as the Longmont Vitamin Grocers. They are up around school—and we need them to go elsewhere around town and surrounding areas. Sometimes grocery stores have bulletin boards for community use, schools will sometimes post them in teacher’s lounges…The Brew Market, the local brew pub—all are places where we’d like to get the word posted in the next two weeks.

  • Send and invite email to your contacts and include a copy of the poster image that is attached here. Limit it to 20 or less per email to avoid spamming.
  • There is also a printable pdf file of the poster here at the top of the Creative Celebrations page.
  • If you are participating as a selling artist at the show, respond to this email now to confirm that you are particiapting and get ready to send your inventory list to Sarajane this week. Include the items for sale and prices along with your name.
  • Mark your calendars for the reception on Friday evening Oct 19th, and please RSVP let me know if you plan to attend.

From the pieces I’ve seen so far, this is going to be a great opportunity to view and purchase some GREAT artwork! Please help to publicise this event, and  bring friends and family to enjoy it!


Sept. 12 Meeting Minutes

FRCC ART Club Meeting Minutes                            September 12, 2012                        1-2pm

Members present:

Sarajane Helm, Dawn Maggio, Andrea Mathwich, Susan Mara, Josh Betz, John Cross, Pat McClure

We introduced John Cross as the new Assistant Faculty Advisor.

New business also included discussion of details for the Creative Celebration sale at the Firehouse Art Center.

  • Setup for the sale is Tuesday October 16, from 5pm-8pm.
  • Teardown is Sunday October 21, starting at 5pm
  • Sale dates are Wednesday-Sunday October 17-21
  • Sale hours Noon-5pm
  • A reception will be held Friday evening Oct. 19 from 5pm-8pm, and we will provide light refreshments and music as we did in February.
  • By Oct 3rd participating artists will provide Sarajane with inventory lists that include quantities, titles if needed, and prices of items for sale by Oct 3rd so that she can print title cards and provide a complete inventory to FAC.
  • We approved wording for the press release and poster, and all members are asked to help publicize the event. PDF files of the poster will be sent in email to all members this week. These can be forwarded, and a full size pdf file will be on the website for printing. Print copies will also be made at FRCC and distributed to faculty and staff mail boxes prior to the event, and we will have copies available for members to take to local business and venues that allow posting.

Sept. 8 2012 Update


Yet another busy semester underway! There are lots of exciting things going on in the arts world this semester, including:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 12 12:30-2pm C1002
    FRCC Art Club Meeting–to discuss the details* of the Creative Celebrations Show from setup on Tuesday Oct. 16 to teardown on Sunday October 21. I will bring my camera and take digital pics for promoting the show if participating artists bring work to the meeting, or you can bring image files on a flash drive to submit for use in publicizing the show. If you prefer to submit images via email, send to me at:
  • Thursday Sept. 13,  12-1pm in the Community Room
    Visiting Artist Series | Deb Douglas (paintings)
  • Friday Sept. 21, 6:30-9pm on Main Street Downtown Longmont
    A free evening of art exhibitions, music, live theatre, dance and children’s activities. The ArtWalk event transforms downtown Longmont businesses into galleries and promotes cultural arts for three fabulous evenings each year.
  • Wed-Sun Oct. 17-21 Firehouse Art Center, 667 4th Ave. Longmont
    FRCC Art Club Creative Celebrations Show at FAC
  • Friday Oct 19.   12-1pm C1002
    Matting Demo | John Cross
  • Monday Oct. 22, 12-1pm in the Community Room
    Visiting Artist Series | Holly Hanessian
  • Friday Oct 26,   12-1pm C1002
    Framing Demo | Rick Stoner
  • Monday Nov. 26 12-1pm room TBA
    Photo Your Art | Scott Olson
  • Wednesday Nov. 28th 9am-3pm
    Student Art Sale at FRCC

*Here are the details of the Creative Celebrations Sale at the Firehouse Art Center so far:

  • Prior to the sale, participants must join the Firehouse Art Center and the FRCC Art Club. Last year, FAC offered us a special FRCC Art Club membership rate of $30 instead of $40, members who joined then are covered for this event. There is a new Director at FAC,things have changed and I don’t know if the special offer is still good, but you can always ask!
  • Participating Artists as of 9/8/2012 include:
    Sarajane Helm
    Josh Betz
    Maura Rieman
    Liz Giles
    Dawn Maggio
    Margie Drake
    Laura Humenik
    Andrea Ita Mathwich
    Scott Olson
    Kaelen Williams
    Gail Bruntjen
    Debra Sulaica
  • If you would like to participate in this show, contact me at by September 15th.
  • Participating artists need to submit an inventory list one week prior to the show (by Oct. 7th) that includes:(wall art) Artist Name, Title of Piece, Price and then I will print wall labels(table art) Artist Name, Item, Number of Items, Price (with multiple items you don’t have to give each one a separate ID if they are the same kind of item and the same price. “earrings” and “12@$15” is fine) Artists are responsible for tagging items with price and their name/initials.
    Send inventories to me at:
  • Setup for the sale is Tuesday October 16th from 5pm through 8pm. Please bring your art (ready to hang) to the Firehouse Art Center and we will hang work on the walls during those hours. DO NOT just leave your work at school or at the Gallery; be there to help hang your work. We will also be setting up the tables and black cloth covers that are provided for us. All other display items are the responsibility of the artist.
  • The sale runs from Wednesday October 17th through Sunday October 21, from 12-5pm each day. You DO NOT have to be there the entire time, as a member of FAC will be on duty. However, it is a good idea to be there when you can to talk with patrons and to keep an eye on things. Items for sale must be marked with your name and the price unless you are in attendance.
  • The sale tears down at 5pm on Sunday Oct. 21 Please do not tear down prior to that time.
  • Purchases will be run through the FAC account, and they will take a 35% commission. Payment will be made to artists within two weeks after the close of the show. Work that is sold on the walls will be marked SOLD and held until Monday Oct. 22, and can then be picked up by the patron at FAC. Work sold from tables can be taken at time of purchase.
  • We are still discussing if and when to have a reception–let me know what you think!


Sept 2 2012 Update

Hi there Art club members and art faculty!

I need to know who is in for the Creative Celebration sale by Sept.15 so that I can get the publicity underway with fliers and press releases, and get things organized ahead of time.  We do not have a lot of wall hanging art yet, and I would love to see more of it there! This is a great opportunity that just got even better with the additional dates. As soon as I get the PR together, I will send it out in email to club members and we can start talking it up to our email contacts.

We have tables there at the Firehouse and we have wall space also. Grids or bins/containers displays you would need to provide. Framed or otherwise hang-able pieces can go on the wall. There is one standing lockable case we can use there, the one we used in February.

FAC has changed their days and hours of operation since we first talked about this Creative Celebrations sale. The new dates are Oct. 17-21, Wed-Sun.  We had originally scheduled for TH, F, S Oct. 18, 19, and 20th, as they were closed on Wed and Sunday, and now they are open on those days, giving us an opportunity to greatly extend our potential customers’ opportunity to shop for no extra cost on our part. Their new hours of operation are 12 noon to 5, and the new director would really prefer that we used those hours instead of starting at 11, and they will have someone there during those hours to watch the gallery and to ring up the sales. We will have sales receipt books there for artists to write up sales when they are there and give to the customer to take with them to pay to make it easier. FAC will be taking 35% of the sales price (price your items accordingly) and they will be filing the sales tax. Artists will be paid by check within two weeks. I would like to hang the wall art, arrange and drape our tables and such Tuesday evening October 16 from 5:30-8:00. Items on the table or floor displays can be arranged before we open at noon on Wednesday, but I want all the wall hanging work done by Tuesday evening if at all possible. We will tear down Sunday after the show is over at 5pm.

If items are all tagged with your identifying info (hang tag, business card) and the price, you don’t have to be there during all of the show hours, but it would be good to have artists there when they can be as it does help sales to see/speak with the artist in many cases. Also, we need to make sure there is at least one artist member in addition to me there to open up each day and particularly Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the busy times, to help with keeping an eye on things and making sales. We can come and go in shifts or waves; lets talk about when you will be there so I can draw up a schedule and make sure all days have some coverage. We are going to offer hot mulled cider and tea for refreshments and I hadnt planned a reception, per se, but we could. What do you think?
August 2012 Update

Hello there art club members and instructors,
After a long, hot, eventful summer, it is almost time for things to cool down in temperature and heat up in work opportunities!
We are poised to hit the ground running, with two sales coming up–one on campus in November and one at  the Firehouse Art Center, a 3 day sales event in October. We’ll be meeting to talk about promoting those events, and I welcome input via email as I know we all have pretty full schedules no matter how many classes we are each taking and when. I will be putting together promotional material with you that we can post on facebook and other social media sites, for email lists, and we’ll be printing flyers to give out and to put up. I am particularly seeking help to get flyers out to businesses in Longmont and surrounding areas at the beginning of October to get the word out. So please if we each put together an email list of people we’d like to invite, we can combine them so as not to send 15 to the same person. If you will trust me with your list, I promise not to use it for anything other than the art club event promotion. We will also be sending out press releases, and those have to be done next month, so I need some images of artwork from people who are participating in the sale, which we are calling the FRCC Art Club Creative Celebration -October 18, 19, 20,
that’s a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11-5 and artists need to be there or to have all merchandise tagged with prices. I need to know who wants to participate ASAP. So far, I have on the list:

Sarajane Helm
Josh Betz
Zanna Adams
Maura Rieman
Liz Giles
Dawn Maggio
Margie Drake
Laura Humenik
Kaelen Williams
Debra Sulaica

Let me know via email now if you’d like to participate in this event! Space is limited. Membership in FRCC Art Club and Firehouse Gallery are required.

In addition this year, we will be making some changes to our website. This includes putting up more images on our personal pages and in the gallery sections. Every one of us has a page there, but the vast majority have nothing on them but your name. Now, I know we all have art to show, but not all of us have it in a digital format, and that’s where I can help. On Monday Sept. 3 and Wednesday Sept. 5, from 9am to 2pm, I will be available to take digital photographs of 3-5 pieces of your work and show you how to quickly edit them with photoshop and add them to your page of the website. If you have a laptop and bring that, I will guide you through signing up for a free wordpress account if you do not have one already, and then you will be able to add words and images to your page. If you don’t have a laptop, we’ll do it through the school computers one at a time. We’re going to put all the pages that have no content on “draft” status (invisible, and no help to you), so now is the time to get something up there! This is also the time to get some images of work that will be used to promote the two shows we are doing this Fall, and all images will be available to you to take home–bring a flash drive or we can also email them to you. If a number of you want to do this and let me know by RSVP, then I can book one of the computer labs to get us through this efficiently–but I need to know soon. Professional photographers in Boulder charge really big bucks for this sort of thing, and when I teach it as a class I charge $75 per student–but for YOU–this time–it is free of charge, and my way of giving back to and promoting the arts community here. If you want to learn even more, I highly encourage all members to take the digital photography classes here at FRCC. You don’t even necessarily have to have a camera–there are some available for student use. The classes in photoshop here are excellent also. But if you do not want to take the classes, or dont have the time–then this is your opportunity! If you already have images and text, bring them in and learn how to create your page, or send them to me via email and I will put them up for you. Josh Betz is our new club secretary, and he will also be learning the ropes of cyber-promotion through our site so that when I graduate there will someone to take up the baton and run with it–can you tell I’ve been watching the Olympics? Once you know how wordpress works–a free content management system anyone can use while not knowing html, css, or php coding–you can easily build and maintain your own website if you do not already have one (and there’s a class at school here in that too–Craig Kendall’s Open Source web resources. You can learn amazing ways with tools at FRCC!)

John Cross has asked if we’d like to participate in creating a mural this semester, and it sure sounds like fun–as I get more information about this event, I will post it on the site and send out in email updates. Our sidewalk chalk event last year was a smash, but ephemeral–I’d love to see a more lasting contribution to the FRCC aesthetic. (though it was a very edifying experience to watch the chalk art slowly disappear through sprinklers and rain!)

I hope you all had wonderful, enriching experiences this summer, with lots more to come. See you on campus, and I hope to hear from you via email.


April Update

hi there FRCC Art Club Members! We’re done with our meetings for the semester, but there’s still lots to do.

The annual student Art Show is being held in the art classrooms Tuesday, April 17th from 4 to 6 PM.

We’ll be meeting again during Fall semester, and we need to fill the offices of Secretary and President. Interested members will have a chance to work with me and learn the ropes during Fall semester, then take over for Spring semester! Secretarial duties consist of taking minutes at our meetings and there’s lots to do that could be spread into other new  offices–like keeping up the website, and organizing events. If you are interested in these leadership opportunities, contact me!

We also have several new opportunities that have come up.

Camille received an email inviting students to participate in an upcoming sale, but they are holding the registration open specially for us and you must respond by April 9, which is within days. So jump on it now if you are interested.


From: Ann Leggett

Subject: New Art Market

I am Sara Sheldon’s (Firehouse Community Art Center) daughter. She recommended that I get in touch with you.  I am co-founding a new art market in June on the 23rd and 24th. However, our applications are coming in very slowly and currently we don’t have quite enough artists to run the show. I was talking to Sara over the weekend and she suggested that I get in touch with you about having some students take part. We are looking for very innovative work, and she said that the work she saw from Front Range students in a recent show was the best of the best.

I thought it sounded like a great opportunity for us and for them. We could offer them a discounted rate for booth fees. And we could let two people share a booth, if they want. All info about the show is on our website,

Anyway, I wanted to get your thoughts. We’d love to have some new, talented faces in the show! We can extend the deadline for them until a week from today, the 9th. Do you think this might be a venue some of them would be interested in? Look forward to hearing from you,



From member Liz Giles–

Here is the info about the PTK silent auction raising funds for Veterans. We are looking for artists that might want to donate artwork for the auction. If you have any questions regarding this please email Elizabeth Vasquez who is one of our PTK representative on this project at

Phi Theta Kappa is asking for your support for older military veterans of Weld and Boulder counties who are returning to school to enhance their competitive job skills.

Phi Theta Kappa is the academic honor society for the community college systems in the United States.  The Front Range Community College Boulder County chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is sponsoring an event to raise funds for textbooks and materials for veterans whose military service ended prior to September 11, 2011.  Unlike post-September 11, 2011 veterans, these older veterans do not receive Veteran’s Administration funds for textbooks. The student led event will be held on April 27, 2012 in Longmont at the Boulder County Campus of Front Range Community College. The event will feature a silent auction to raise the books and materials scholarship funds.

We are looking for any art work donations that you as part of the Art Club or any other artists, or associates might be willing to contribute for the silent auction.

The FRCC Foundation has set up a special account for this scholarship fund and will both collect auction receipts at the fund raising event and administer the scholarships. Auction items for this event will be picked up in person by member of Phi Theta Kappa.

On behalf of the membership of Phi Theta Kappa and the veterans whom we seek to serve, thank you for considering our request. Please contact Casey Davis at <> with any questions you may have.

As a member of Phi Theta Kappa and the Art Club I extend this invitation to you to consider making a donation.


From Nicoli Bowley:

Student Government is wondering the Art Club would be interested in making a recycled art exhibit for Earth Day? Earth Day is April 24, and the BBQ is from 12-1, but you are welcome to stay as long as you want. I was thinking bottles, newspaper and the likes. Really whatever you need I want to make sure you have. I think I will make something, i’m not sure what yet, but it would be fun.

The Student Government is willing to help pay a reasonable amount for the materials. Would you be interested in participating? The Art Club is more then welcome to table at the event as well. Thank you.


Meeting Minutes February 6, 2012

TIME: 12:30 a.m.

  • Toby Huffman, Advisor
  • Sara Jane Helm, President
  • Debra Sulaica, Secretary
  • Maura Reiman, Student
  • Chasity Johnson, Student

Order of Business:

Katherine Sieviec, FRCC student stopped by to enquire about art club membership.  Sarajane Helm explained FRCC Art Club and talked about the upcoming Fire House Gallery  Exhibit.

Sarajane Helm reported that things are in hand for the upcoming exhibit at the Fire House.

Maura Rieman volunteered to collect data on other events in the surrounding area.

The next show is the student art show in May, 2012.

Wall art will be hung on February 16 at 5:00 p.m .

3D art will be put out on February 17th at 5:00 p.m. due to a prior function in the building.

We now have seventeen artists committed to participate in the Fire House Show.

Times Call Newspaper is interested in interviewing FRCC Art Club on the Fire House Exhibit.

More help is requested for spotters and greeters at the Fire House opening night.

Fire House board members will get first viewing of FRCC art works on night of show, prior to opening.

Artists must supply:

  • Name of piece
  • Price
  • Medium
  • Dimensions

Sara Jane will run cash box at opening.

FRCC is soliciting ideas for art events on campus.  And other events for club members, i.e. bus to museum with box lunch, etc.

Fire House wants to have free classes for public

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.  Next scheduled meeting to be Monday, February 13th, @ 12:30 p.m.

February 03 Updates

hi there club members!

we’re meeting every week in order to prepare for the upcoming show at the Firehouse Art Center. Press releases have gone out, and I posted it and the updated flier on the website. We’re hoping for an interview with the Times Call contact the director at FAC knows. Next week I’ll have prints for people to take and post at places around town. I’ll give them to student life to put up at school, and take one in to the library, to the Firehouse Art Center, to the Java Stop and Bead Lounge downtown.

Where do YOU (or a partner) go that might put up a flier to promote the show? I’ll have 50 or so posters to give out to put up, talk with me at school. Also, I’m making an e-vite with the image and information to send to all of you and it would be great if you could forward it to people you know locally who are not on Facebook (not a spam-blast–just a handful of people). If you have a facebook or twitter account, please do talk it up there, or share the post with the flier PR info in the week right before the opening night event (Feb-17, and the show runs through March 7.) Tell your friends! Tell your classmates–but again, wait till a few days before the event, as people forget over the course of a week or two.

Any sales of artwork that happen at the show will be processed by me on behalf of the FAC on opening night, and after that by workers there at the gallery during the show run, They will take 35% and artists will receive a check after the show closes and payment has been made. Sold art will remain in the show for the duration.

We need volunteers Feb 17th to help with food and cleanup duties–nothing too much, just putting cheese and crackers on plates, plus any other goodies we bring (do you have a great finger food that you make for parties you’d like to bring? Let me know!) We’ll also have bottled water and hot cider. Student Life is supplying the paper plates and napkins and cups, and I have some vintage luncheon party plates I’ll bring for the food items.

more soon!

January 30 Meeting Minutes

DATE: January 30, 2012
TIME: 11:30 a.m.
Toby Huffman, Advisor
Sara Jane Helm, President
Debra Sulaica, Secretary
Joy  Bradbury
Maura Rieman

Order of Business:
Jamie McGrane stopped by to enquire about art club membership.  Sara Jane  explained FRCC Art Club and talked about the upcoming Fire House Gallery  Exhibit Beyond The Fridge Door. Artists will be hanging work on February 16th and the show opens with a reception running 6pm-9pm February 17.

Instructors–If you would like to show work as well, we have the space and can put instructor art in a grouping on one of the walls.

Students–if you want to participate but have not yet signed up for the show, please do so by Feb. 5th.   If you are already signed up to participate, please send in the details via email about the titles, sizes, media, and prices (or NFS) of your pieces. FAC will take 35% of any sales made through their venue, so price your work accordingly if it is for sale.

Student Life Budget request forms were filled out for Food and Entertainment for the Fire House Exhibit.

Refreshments will be provided for the Beyond The Fridge Door  by Frcc Art Club members and taken from Student Life budget for the Fire House Gallery show in February, 2012. We will purchase some cheese and crackers as well as apple cider at COSTCO. If you are willing to help provide refreshments at the Fire House Gallery show (finger food like cookies, brownies, etc) please contact Sarajane.

Discussion was made to prepare for October sale to find suitable sponsors/community partners. If any members know of catering or restaurant leads that could be contacted concerning providing refreshments in return for advertising at the event, please contact Sarajane or Debra.

A motion to end meeting was made by Debra Sulaica.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.  Next scheduled meeting to be Monday, February 6th, @12:30 p.m.

January 23 Meeting Minutes

DATE: January 23, 2012
TIME: 1-2 p.m.
ATTENDEES PRESENT: Toby Huffman, Advisor
Sarajane Helm   president
Debra Sulaica    recording secretary
Dawn Maggio
Joy Bradbury
Sanna Adams

Old Business:

We are getting ready for the Beyond The Fridge Door show at Firehouse Art Center, 4th and Coffman in Longmont CO. We now have 50 members of the Art Club, and so far we have 8 artists signed up for the show. We particularly need more paintings, photos, drawings and other art for the walls. The Firehouse Art Center is small but has a long main room with a good amount of wall space. We don’t want to look empty in our first show out in the community!!

Show dates are February 17 through March 7th, with an opening reception from 6-9pm on February 17. Ambient/Jazz trio No Evil will be playing for us at the reception.

Artists who wish to participate need to contact Sarajane within the next week in order to get things organized. We will be installing the show Thursday February 16th from 5-8pm (or however long it takes) and art to be included needs to be turned in to the painting room up front in the corner or to Sarajane by WednesdayFebruary 15th in order to be included.

We need to have a list of  participating artists and any images that can be used in conjunction with advertising within the next week. High resolution digital photos are best,  if you need a picture taken of your art for publicity, bring it to the meeting next Monday January 30th 1-2pm and Sarajane will bring her camera. If you have a large digital file to send (over 4M) try using where you can send files up to 2G easily and free of charge. Send images to   to be included in the poster/invites for the show as well as the press releases.

By  Feb 5th we also need a list of each piece you intend to show, with:

  • your name
  • the title of each piece
  • the media
  • the size
  • price or “NSF” not for sale

2D work needs to be ready to hang with wire hangers on the backs of frames, 3D work needs to be sturdy enough that it withstands being moved.

New Business:

Artist Trading Cards are being traded at the Lyons Library on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Many artists are building interesting collections of these small samples from artists. Contact Merline at the Lyons Library if you are interested in more info.

Arts Anonymous is a 12 Step Program and planning group for artists needing a nudge to get back to their art. Join the Boulder Chapter on Monday at 7:30 p.m. in the Parlor Room, First Baptist Church, 1237 Pine Street, Boulder, Colorado. Third Monday is the Plan Art meeting and last Monday is bring your Art to show. Entrance is from alley on north west side of building, which has a ramp.

We voted that anyone can be a member of FRCC Art Club if they have had or will be taking an art class at FRCC, but if they are not currently in an art class they must  have their work approved in order to participate in our off-campus show and sale. Only students are allowed to participate in the on-campus show and sale.

Sarajane Helm is offering Business of Art classes through the FRCC Continuing Education Department. This four part series covers becoming licensed in CO to sell, creating a logo and business card, building a wordpress site and online etsy store, photographing and editing your work, writing copy and more! Classes are on Saturdays from 9am-1pm February 18 through March 10. These intensive classes are great for the entrepreneur who doesn’t want to wait for the 16 week college credit class that will be offered in Fall semester.

Sarajane is also teaching classes non-credit art classes in using Polymer Clay and also Making Spirit Dolls through  the continuing Ed department.

Also, Boulder’s Dairy Center for the Arts is now taking applications for their Bike Art competition.

FRCC Art club meetings will be held  Mondays in room C0158 (ceramics) from 1-2 pm

Jan. 30, Feb. 6, Feb. 13 are upcoming meeting dates.

January Update 01-17-20121

Welcome back, Spring Semester 2012 promises to be a busy one for everyone I know.  So let’s get right to it!

FRCC Art club meetings will be held  Mondays in room C0158 (ceramics) from 1-2 pm

Jan.23, Jan. 30, Feb. 6, Feb. 13 are upcoming meeting dates that are prior to our “Beyond the Fridge Door” Show at the Firehouse Art Center.

The show opens Friday, Feb.17th 2012 with a reception from 6-9pm featuring live music from ambient/jazz trio “No Evil”.

Artists participating so far include:

  • Margie Drake
  • Dawn Maggio
  • Susanna Adams
  • Sarajane Helm
  • Bryan Helm
  • Debra Sulaica

Art club members who wish to participate need to contact me ASAP. 3-10 pieces, depending on size, suitable for hanging on walls  or placement on pedestals or in display cases can be submitted to the show. As the works must be hung February 16th, they need to be finished and framed if needed, and turned in to the art department by February 15.  Include a list of each piece, with a name of each piece, the media and size as well as any price or “NSF” not for sale.

I need to have a list of  participating artists and any images that can be used in conjunction with advertising within the next 10 days. (digital photos are good, contact me if you need a picture taken of your art).

Contact me or your art instructor for a membership form to get your special rate of $25 for a one year membership to the Firehouse Art Center, which will make you eligable to participate in this student art show and our sale at FAC in October. All memberships must be paid prior to February 15 or work will not be included.


December Update 12-17-2011

Happy Winter Holidays of whatever sort you celebrate, Art Club Members!

I recently spoke with Joanna Young, the Interim Director at Firehouse Art Center in Longmont and we have arranged for a Spring Show and a Fall Sale at FAC as well as the ones we traditionally have on campus. We will be presenting these as members of the FRCC Art Club, and to meet the requirements of showing there at the Firehouse, artists need also to be members of FAC. The normal membership for a year is $45, but Joanna has offered us a special FRCC student rate of $25 for the year, which will cover both events. I will have membership forms to give to all instructors at the start of the semester, so join if you want to participate in these events. This is a great deal for membership! (You must have paid your membership BEFORE the show is hung)

The Spring Show is scheduled for February 17 through March 7th, with an opening reception from 6-9pm on February 17.

I’d like to call this show “Beyond The ‘Fridge Door” unless someone proposes a better title for it in the next week—if you have one to propose, send it via email. I need to work on putting out press releases and then building a poster/postcard very soon, so we don’t have a lot of prep time here.

Since it  is coming right up,  be thinking about what you would like to show. There is limited space as FAC is not a large gallery, but there is a lot of wall room, several display cases, and display tables for 3d pieces. We need to limit each artist in terms of space more than by number of items–one or two very large prints or painting, several smaller ones, or 3d installations, multiple ceramic or jewelry items that will fit in a 3 or 4 foot space…check with your art instructor or with me to work out those details. Final call on area will have to do with how many of us wish to participate.  Also, Joanna says that they would prefer that 3d pieces not be incredibly fragile.

I’m going to need some information from those of you who want to participate, starting with an email from you stating that you want into the show, with your full name as you’d like it listed in the press release, and your medium/media. Please respond ASAP so that I can get an idea of how many people want to participate.

If you have images already of pieces you wish to show, please send me a .jpg at 300dpi. If not, meet with me on Monday from 2-6 in the Jewelry room with your work when we are back in session and I’ll take pics. Not all items need photos, but I need to get some in order to put together the promo materials. I’ve got a great pic of a retro ‘fridge and will attach our art as though it were hung there with refrigerator magnets and all the info across the freezer door up top, unless we come up with a different theme.

In order to properly hang this show with title cards, I will need to know for EACH piece or grouping of pieces you’d like to show:

  • artist’s name
  • title of piece
  • size
  • price or NFS

We will be hanging this show February 16, and I will need some volunteers to help with that. Tear Down will be Wednesday March 7 and we need to be done by 4pm as there is another event then. We as the Art Club will be paying for postcards and fliers, and whether you show your art or not, I’d like everyone to help publicize this event as thoroughly as possible and to attend the opening night reception on Feb.17. We’ll have live music and I’ll be working on getting refreshments also–anybody know a caterer or foodservice that would like to donate goods in return for advertising?

The Fall Sale is scheduled for October 18, 19 and 20.

We can bring tables and set up plus hang art on the walls. All items need to be tagged if the artist is not going to be there during the sale at any time. Otherwise, items will not need to be tagged and it will be the responsibility of the artist to use the provided sales receipt books to right up purchases, then send the customer to the desk for payment. FAC will run all sales (cash, check, and CC) through their account, take 35% as their commission, and will then pay the sales taxes and pay the artists monies due them within a week by check.

The Firehouse Art Center is open Wednesday-Saturday, 12-5pm. If we want to be open earlier for the Fall Sale, this is possible, but we need to have artists in attendance at their tables for selling. I would like to see us opening at 10am rather than noon on Saturday in particular. What about you—let me know what you think!


December Update 12-5-2011

Hi there Art Club Members! Its been a busy and exciting semester, and it’s almost over for the year! The Art Sale was bigger and better this year, with more art on sale and more sold than in previous years. Thank you all for your participation and help in making it grow, with greater attendance being the first part towards greater exposure and sales.   We’re going on break for a few weeks, then back for Spring Semester. We’ll be having the Annual Art Show later in the Spring, and its never too soon to start thinking about what you would like to exhibit. There is no meeting in December, but we’ll be keeping in touch via email. Meetings will start up again in February on Wednesday Feb 8 from 11:30 to 12:30 in the ceramics room (2nd WEdnesday of the month).

This semester we had the sidewalk chalk event, and it was lots of fun—any ideas about something to do to promote our art next semester? Send your thoughts via email and lets talk.

One idea I’d like to promote is a petition to try and get the room in the commons area where the pool table is to be a permanent gallery with art for sale on the walls and in two or three locked display counters. The pooltable could be moved to the area where the coffee and softdrink machines are now. I will write up a petition over break and then ask you all to sign and get more signatures from students in your non-art classes in particular. Having a permanent area for display and sales would be a big asset to the art department and to us as student artists.

We’re also talking with the Firehouse Art Gallery about having a sale/show there in Spring or in November–any ideas/thoughts about this?

Have a great break and come back inspired and ready for more art next year!


November Update 11-12-2011

hi there Art Club Members!
As you know, the Student Art Sale is coming right up, as is the end of this Fall Semester. I know everybody has a lot on their plate, but that’s pretty much the way it goes when you are both an artist and in school!

I’d like us to each pick up fliers in the art rooms for distribution outside of school. We’ll have the large size and also some that are half size. Remember please to always ask permission before posting them at a business–lets see if we can’t each get them up at 4 places that we go. Most businesses have a break room for employees, see if we can get some into the teacher’s lounges at schools if you have children attending, at the place you or your spouse/partner/parents work, give them out to co-workers/friends closer to the date (the week before is good for those, the ones posted can be going up now)

We are going to have live music for this event. Do we want to do refreshements, like hot cider and unbuttered popcorn? (smells good but not too messy) if so, I will need a consensus from the group (email me a yes or no on refreshments) so that I can get the funds from Student Life and purchase these. The extra expense will not be much and we have a small budget for this, and the added sensory elements of sound and smell have been shown in studies to stimulate buyers. Plus, they linger a little longer–the buyers, I mean.

We need volunteers to help with the actual event in shifts of two or three hours. We will be assisting with ringing up/wrapping/marking off inventory sheets as sales occur and the maintainence of the refreshment table (I’ll show you the Secret Recipe for microwaving popcorn in a brown paper bag). Please email me with your availability if you can help on Wednesday Nov.30th from 10 am -6:30 pm.

If you are coming to the WordPress Tutorials this month on Tuesdays in the Painting Room between 9-12:30 (thats when I am workstudy there) bring your wordpress username and password and any images that you’s like to use on your site on a flashdrive, or email them to yourself so you can access them. If you have a laptop, bring it too as there is only one computer in the painting room. If a LOT of us want to do this then we can get access to one of the computer labs–so email me to let me know if you are interesting in this tutorial and if you want to do it this TuesdayNov. 15 or 22.

A reminder, turn in your inventory sheets ASAP for the sale.

See you soon!


November Meeting Minutes 11-09-11

DATE: November 09, 2011
TIME: 11:30 a.m.
ATTENDEES PRESENT: Toby Huffman, Advisor
Debra Sulaica, Secretary
John Cross
Joshua Davie
Callie Brinkley

Order of Business:
John Cross handed out flyers for the Student Art Sale.

Debra Sulaica will help with the student art show (working around her schedule).

Callie Brinkley came by and joined the FRCC Art Club.

An elementary student tour of FRCC came through the Ceramic Studio, and the FRCC Art Club members greeted them.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m. Next scheduled meeting to be announced at a later date.

Minutes prepared and submitted by:
Debra Sulaica, Secretary


November Update 10-07-2011

Hi there Art Club Members!
We’ve got an exciting month coming up, with school in its get-your-projects-done phase, holidays and finals looming on the horizon, and preparations for the Annual Student Art Sale at the end of the month. We will be helping to publicize it and many of us will be displaying our work for sale as well. I am attaching the pdf of the flier for the show, and you can send it as an attachment to people or post it on your facebook or other social sites as well as print it out, and we will be printing it out at school for you to post places you go as well. Take one with you to other groups you attend, to gatherings of friends, ask if you can post one on bulletin boards or windows of other businesses you frequent. Give ’em out to family and friends, and try to bring attention to the joys of handmade art. Here’s our press release:

FRCC Annual Holiday Student Art Sale

Front Range Community College (BCC) is holding its annual Holiday Student Art Sale Wednesday, November 30th 2011 from 10 AM till 6:30 PM. Celebrate your holidays with handmade art and feel warm all winter knowing that you support the work of local student artists. This year we feature the creations of many students working in ceramics, jewelry, photography, painting and drawing. All famous artists start out somewhere; this is your chance to buy beautiful local work before the prices skyrocket as the word gets out! Shop our selection for your gifts and décor, and you will be sure to get something special for yourself and for those you love. Come early for the best selection and to hear live musical soundscapes.

Wed. November 30th 2011 10am-6:30pm 2190 Miller Drive Longmont CO

(Main Entrance Door 4)


Students who are selling their work need to fill out inventory sheets (its ok to say “10 pair earrings at $10” instead of going into great detail about each, they just need to have a listing of how many items at what price for the database as Student Life will be running the register. ) These need to be filled out and handed in VERY SOON so talk with your instructor about details and get the sheets from them.

Some things to remember:
–presenting your work on solid colored cloth or paper backgrounds helps keep attention focused on the work

–give customers a selection from which to choose, not just two pieces

–low pricepoints are very popular, particularly at student shows. I just returned from a major textile arts tradeshow and the items that sold best were in the $1-$20 range.

–an artists presence helps sell the work, in person or by way of your packaging with contact info, etc

–keep your eyes coming back around to your merchandise at any public event to avoid the “five finger discount”

–wearing your work makes you a walking advertisement; think about getting a tshirt with your art and contact info printed on it from

We can meet on the other Wednesdays of this month to prepare for the show if anyone wants to talk about other ways of promoting it. I have also booked live music that will be playing from !0-2pm at the show, with a diverse set of “soundscapes” performed by local musicians that include FRCC students. Also feel free to email me with ideas. I think I will probably miss tomorrow’s meeting as I have brought a wicked headcold back from Texas and dont want to spread it around.

COMING UP– A Short WordPress Tutorial–

Liz Giles asked for it, and anyone who would like to attend can have one the next two Tuesdays ( November 15 and 22 from 9am-12:30pm in the painting room. Any Art Club Member or art faculty who wants to learn can come in for a half hour tutorial during that time–it wont even take that long to get you started if you have already signed up for a wordpress user id. For those that do not have one yet, go to: and click on the orange “get started here” button over on the right.. Then, you can sign up for a blog of your own, or choose the option of “signup for just a username”.

When you have that, I can add you as a user quickly to the FRCC Art Club blog, show you how it works, and get you going on your page on the club site and your own personal site can follow!



October Meeting Minutes 10-12-2011

Hello there FRCC Art Club Members!
We held our recent meeting Wednesday October 12th in the ceramics room. Our NEXT meeting will be Wednesday  November 9, and as always, you can find me any Wednesday in the ceramics room from 11:30 to 12:30 to talk about Art Club business.

We discussed old business—the sidewalk chalk event went very well and was enjoyed and talked about by many–we even had a blog post on the official Writing The Front Range  blog at FRCC.

As to new business, Our next event is the Student Art Sale coming up November 30th. We will be preparing a flier and I would like all art club members to bring at least one person who might not otherwise come to the show–call on a friend, a relative, a person in one of your classes who is not aware that we have art classes…spread the word that everybody and THEIR family and friends can come see fabulous student work and purchase art at amazingly low prices  by comparison to what you’d see in galleries or stores. Support local handmade holiday items and gifts this year!! Local artists will thank you. Local artists may BE you—we also discussed ways of selling your art at the student sale that go beyond selling your ceramics, jewelry, photos, paintings or drawings. Those are wonderful–but only sell once. You can also take digital images at 300ppi resolution and use them to print tshirts, greeting cards, calendars, coffee mugs, water bottles, hats, (even underwear!!) and much more. You can even have artwork printed onto fabric yardage and recover the couch or sew a suit! Take a look at places that do POD (print on demand) printing with low cost and no minimums like: (fabric) (books)

I’m available to help anyone who wants to know more about using these services, and can show you some examples. We will be meeting once again (Nov 9th) prior to the art sale. Students are required to show in some of the art classes, and places like vistaprint can supply you with business cards at low cost–I use them to make hangtags and headers for small bags when folded over as well.

We discussed the idea of each member donating a piece of artwork that could be  raffled/auctioned/sold to raise money for the club or the art department. Any ideas as to what might be the best option on that are welcomed here in email or in person! alternately, we could each create and donate an ornament for a tree (Winter Solstice, Yuletide, Christmas, Chanukaa or whatever holiday you celebrate) and sell the ornaments individually or raffle off the entire tree’s worth of ornaments (or even the tree as well, if someone has a small one to donate). Thoughts on this?

Please do let me know if you are going to be selling your work and what you will be selling so we can get an idea as to how many/what kinds and start thinking on the advertising.

Our web site continues to grow and expand with more images and pages…send any images you want added to YOUR page to me along with any text at     You can also learn how to add images and pages to a wordpress site and set up your OWN site–Ill be happy to show you how any Wednesday from 11:30-12:30 in the ceramics room.


October Update 10-04-2011

hey there FRCC Art Club Members!
Here we are all whizzing through the semester at what feels like break-neck speed! We had a wonderful time at the Art Concrete Sidewalk Chalk event thanks to all the enthusiastic participation. The FRCC blog asked me to contribute a post about it to them, which will appear at some future point, and we also have a gallery of pics on our site at

Our next meeting will be October 12th at 11:30-12:30 in the ceramics room

Our next scheduled event is the Student Art Show In November, and I urge everybody to think about Selling Your Art. Its not for everybody–and thats fine; not everything needs to be for sale–but if you WANT to be a selling artist, now is a good time to start. Since economic times are dreadful, there’s so much room for growth and improvement! Also, people are turning to Handmade Art instead of imported from China Cheap (although pricepoints under $20 remains very attractive to buyers! You Painters, Drawers and Photographers among us, have you thought about calendars and cards, coffee mugs and tshirts? Print On Demand options like,, and offer the ability to do a run of 1 or 1000, and you dont have to have boxes of calendars that go old after January. Mugs and tshirts can be sales items, gifts, or promotional items for your art business (That reminds me, I need to order a tshirt with my logo art for my husband to wear when we do shows; he looks very official in it and its good advertising…better get 2!)

We’ve also been invited by the environmental club to participate with them in some Halloween fun. I’m pasting the email here, and anyone who wants to participate, please contact them.

As always, if you cant make the meeting, please do chime in via email and you can check the website on the Club News page to see meeting minutes.
More soon!

———Environmental Club Email————-
Dear Sara Jane,
Hope all is well!
Our names are Lisa Cayton and Tracy Zimmerman. We are from the Environmental club. We are working on an educational project to showcase during Halloween to try and help people understand the dangers of nuclear waste/ and chemical research areas. We thought the theme of, �Rocky Flats� would be a good idea� and from there we could play off other known nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl and what had recently happened in Japan with their nuclear reactors melting as a result of the tsunami. We want to do a fun haunted house and need help with the artistic side of the set up! We were hoping to donate the money raised from the fundraiser at the end of the semester. We would also be very open to your ideas in regard to where funds that are received are placed. If it�s beneficial to you, we would be more than happy to show you the paper work process of getting extra funds for your club for this project and other projects you do in future. We would accept any type of help you are willing to give� whether it be just suggestions or help with the coordination to help develop the final product. We would love to meet up with you! At your convenience of course. Our contact information can be found below. (editors note–we are trying to make it harder for spam harvesters, so change the “at” to “@”)

Tracy Zimmerman

Lisa Cayton


September Meeting Minutes 09-14-2011

This meeting was held at the Club Rush table in the student commons area on the second Wednesday of the month at 11:30-12:30 (our usual time, but normally we meet in the ceramics room C1058).

Attending were Sarajane Helm, Debra Sulaica, John Cross, and Nicoli Bowley. The club rush was very successful, and we doubled our membership! Welcome, all you new members.

Old Business–
We discussed the Open Studio issue, and I am happy to report that although workstudy contracts are still not approved, the Art Department was granted extra budget and Tammy Guenther in HR expedited the paperwork so that Camille is able to contract hourly with two workstudy students to add more Open  hours to the jewelry, ceramics and 2D rooms. See the right sidebar for listed hours and as contracts are approved and hours added, they will updated there as well.

We gave out fliers for and discussed further the Art Concrete | Sidewalk Chalk art event that is coming right up this Thursday, Sept. 22, from 10AM-1PM. Please come out and make the campus more colorful! We’ll be decorating the  around A and C buildings and I’d love to see us surrounded by drawings at least or a day.

New Business–
New member Nicoli is also with the Student Government, who has proposed and gotten some approvals for the idea of doing murals on the hallway walls. There is enthusiasm for this idea among many of our members and the Anime club has also indicated interest. There will be a class for credit offered Spring Semester, and this class will be the basis for the project, so watch for the class and sign up if you are interested in seeing the walls different from what they are now. Those colors  as they exist might be a good backdrop for art!

Margie Drake also suggested later that there is chalkboard paint available that could be used to turn a wall area into a permanently impermanent chalk gallery for students.

It was also suggested that track hangers that are currently owned by the school could be installed to make hanging framed art from the students in rotation feasible.  A new display cabinet has been added for ceramic art, and it is felt that it is important to get art out into other areas of C building so that it is viewed by students not already enrolled in art classes.  There is a paper mural that can be installed temporarily until the class and club members can create anew.

Toby Huffman suggested that each art area’s doors  could have a decoration installed outside–photos for digital photography, ceramic plaque, metalwork plaque, etc. This could be created by instructors and students and mounted outside the door area.

Student and faculty members also have pages on the website to display their work, so send in jpgs and text that you would like featured on your pages.  Email them individually or in a zip file to  and I’ll put them up for you.

John Cross suggested that the art club could raise money not only for art department purchases but also towards member events; included as possibilities were travel to art shows or creative points of interest like NYC, or sharing a sales booth at a local venue.

We talked about creating a full color book/booklet of photos of artwork from FRCC that could be printed and sold to raise money also. This can be done with the input of photography students, graphic design students, and the student run-Graphics Design Firm here at FRCC (capstone projects like this are great experience!)

Our first scheduled fundraising event will be the annual Fall Student Art Sale. Students can have tables to sell their work with a percentage going to the art department, and our club members are invited to donate one piece that will be sold or raffled with all proceeds going to raise money for the art department or future events of the club. Got ideas? These things need more input from members, so tell us what you think!

Our next meeting will be held in the ceramics room on Wednesday October 12, 2011 at 11:30-12:30. If you can, please do come by, and if not please keep in touch via email.
hello members of the FRCC Art Club members and faculty!

We will be having our (2nd Wednesday of the month) meeting for September on Wednesday 14 in the Student Commons area as it is Club Rush time, and we have a table there promoting the Art Club. We’ll meet there from 11:30-12:30 and then we’ll be meeting in the ceramics room (#1052) in future months.

For those who cannot meet in person at that time, we have a page on the website that has all our communications and meeting minutes.

Each of us has a page at the website on which to feature artwork–send me your images and words, and I’ll put them up there.

ArtLink is happening in Longmont this Friday night, and our instructors Toby Huffman and John Cross will be there on Main Street doing art demos. Come out for an evening of fun and festivities from 6-9pm.

We have an Art Concrete | Sidewalk Chalk event coming up on Thursday Sept 22 from 10am-1pm, and with student body help the Art Club will be surrounding the A and C buildings with chalk art. Do please join us and celebrate some ephemeral art–it may only last till the next time it rains, but as artists we know there’s more where that came from!

I spoke with members of the Student Government who are interested in painting murals in some of the hallways here, and told them that this is a project that might interest you, our members. Toby Huffman suggested that the different media rooms could also create plaques to be hung in the hallway by doors–a painting for 2d, photo print for digital photo, ceramic tile for ceramics, metal for jewelry….this is something instructors and students could talk about doing in each media. It would be great to have more artwork shown! Nicoli from Student Government suggested possibly hanging artwork in some of the hallways also–stark dark walls are rather overpowering by themselves but would make great backdrops for framed art or murals. Something to think and talk about! Send in YOUR suggestions for promoting art here at FRCC and I’ll include them in upcoming updates.

We still have not had any further success in getting Open Studio hours in spite of having fully trained and eager students ready to do their work study time. I believe that the people in Admin are more responsive when they hear from students. I have pasted the email I sent to them this morning here, and encourage anyone who would like to see Open Studio be available to write to them also. Emails are listed at our website on the Contact Info page If anyone has other addresses/persons to add to the list, send me the info and I will add that. A response of “but no one has mentioned this problem” will not hold up if enough of us make mention of it in print. Feel free to CC me in your email to admin; I am keeping a file of my own emails and the responses I have received for future reference purposes including publicizing this problem as much as is needed to find an effective solution. Please add your voice if you would like to have Open Studio time available for your art class needs.

I hope to see you soon at a meeting or in class!
Sarajane Helm
president FRCC Art Club

—————–my letter to admin———————-

From: Helm, Sarajane (
Sent: Tuesday, September 13, 2011 8:37 AM
To: Ambrose, Natascha; Jamison, Matt;
Cc: Hogan, Stacey; Curran, Linda; Goldsmith, Carolee; Appelman-Eastvedt, Kendra; Rendal, Camille
Subject: RE: Difficulties with the Financial Aid/ Work Study process

Hello to all,
Here we are midway throughe fourth week of classes, 1/4 of the way through the semester, and almost all of the art department work study contracts have yet to be approved. When I was over at Human Resources several weeks ago, I inquired as to what still needed to be done. When shown the approval sheet that needed to come from the Financial Aid department to approve the workers, I asked if it would be possible for me to hand carry them from that office over to HR, and was told it was not.

Now, perhaps there is is more to the approval process, and that is why it is taking so long. If so, the students who are waiting to be able to work, as they have trained for and done in previous semesters would like to know what it is that needs to be done. The students who have paid for classes and independent studies that require them to use Open Studio time would like to know what needs to be done, so that we can have access to the resources for which we have paid (and paid extra, I would add–these are the extra fee classes). We have turned in our paperwork taken our training, gotten our contracts and the government has supplied the school with the money that we were granted specifically for workstudy payment. What more needs doing?

I also ask you each specifically and personally, what can YOU do to help ensure the contract that you make with each student when we pay for our courses is honored, and these open studio labs are made available to those of use who have paid for their use and are being denied it? This situation is in need of immediate attention and fixing. It is embarrassing to have students who are making arrangements to go elsewhere because FRCC BCC does not process its contracts in a timely fashion. It is also not cost effective to pay for classes when we do not have access to the school labs as stipulated in our course requirements for 1/4 of the semester–or more. Are you prepared to refund 1/4 of the money paid for these to all students in art classes?

We at FRCC BCC are gaining a reputation for charging full price for classes, then giving students less than they pay for, whether it is no parking spaces in spite of paying parking fees, trying to take class notes or listen to a lecture while the sounds of saws, drills, and workmen entering the room during classes compete for attention, or this issue of not being able to process the paperwork of work study students who have diligently been pursuing this issue since the end of summer semester.

I thank you for your assistance in this issue, and hope to hear from you soon.

Sarajane Helm,
student, tutor, workstudy and Continuing Ed Instructor


September 2011–

Hi there and I hope everyone is having a great start to their semester! There is a lot going on and I want to update you on our schedule so far.

We are going to hold meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in the ceramics room, from 11:30 to 12:30. However, because of the “Club Rush” event taking place this month on Sept. 14th (the 2nd Wednesday), we will meet at our table. Shannon’s message (next paragraph) doesn’t state where this will be, but its a good bet that it will be in the common area by door four. I’ll post it when I know for sure. If anyone is interested in manning the table for a half hour or hour during that time to talk with people about the art classes and keep an eye on items we put out for show and tell, please contact me and we’ll put together a schedule to cover as much of 10am-2pm as we can. I will be in the ceramics room EVERY Wednesday from 11:30 -12:30 this semester and please do come see me there if you’d like to talk in person, otherwise, send me your comments and ideas to or

from Shannon in Student Life–“Student Life is hosting a “Club Rush” next Tuesday and Wednesday and we’d love for the art club to be involved. We will be offering table space to each club for a display and contact information. Rush will be September 13th and 14th and will be an all-day event (8:00am – 6:00pm). While you are welcome to staff your table at any time during the two day event we ask your table be manned during our busiest hours from 11:00am – 1:00pm both days. You are welcome to set your table up early and may either take it down Tuesday and reset Wednesday or leave it up overnight. Please have your table cleared by 6:00pm Wednesday the 14th. RSVP by 5:00pm Friday, September 9th for this exciting event. See you there!”

We are having a Art Concrete | Sidewalk Chalk event on Sept 22 from 10am-1pm. We’ll be supplying colored chalk and Buildings A and C will be supplying the sidewalks–please do come and supply the art! Free fun and a bit of colorful expression for anyone who wants to participate, and we will spread the word to the students and staff that art exists at FRCC inside and outside of the classrooms–and it feels good! If you’d like to help, please let me know, and even if you don’t want to hang out and pass around the chalk, do come beautify some sidewalk!

While some workstudy contracts are in the works with financial aid and should soon be approved, allowing us to have more Open Studio hours, there is still a need to fill some time slots. If you are approved for financial aid/workstudy by way of your FAFSA, and you are interested in workstudy in the art department, talk with John Cross or Camille Rendal about what is required.

ArtWalk in downtown Longmont is coming up Friday, September 16. FRCC art instructors John Cross and Toby Huffman will be demoing there. This is always a well attended and exciting event, and a great way to get out the word about art in Longmont and at FRCC in particular. Come and show your support while you enjoy the festival!
Friday, September 16 6:30-9 pm
In historic downtown Longmont with over 20 venues on Main Street between 3rd Avenue and 6th Avenue.
ArtWalk is:
A free evening of art exhibitions, music, live theatre, dance and children’s activities. The ArtWalk event transforms downtown Longmont businesses into galleries and promotes cultural arts for three fabulous evenings each year.

upcoming calendar:
Tuesday, Sept.13th Club Rush
8-am 6pm (10-2 is what I’d like to see covered for sure)

Wednesday, Sept 14th Club Rush
8am-6pm 10-2 is what I’d like to see covered for sure)

Wednesday, Sept 14th FRCC Art Club meeting

Friday, September 16 Art Walk 6:30-9 pm in downtown Longmont

Thursday, Sept 22nd Art Concrete | Sidewalk Chalk Event 10am-1pm

To wind up this newsletter, let me remind you to visit our website at Club News where we now have a page where the newsletters will go as well as in email. we are also assembling some great images on the member pages and in the slideshows. Each member and instructor gets a page of their own–send me any images you’d like to feature on YOURS! An upcoming club event will feature a free tutorial for club members on how to use photoshop to improve your images and how to post them on your page along with any text you’d like to add! Look for details on that next time.


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