Longmont’s Main Street ARTWALK- Saturday, May 21, 2015 from 4pm-8pm


FRCC Art Club is so excited to participate again in Longmont’s 2015 ArtWalk and hope you will join us!  This is a great and FREE opportunity to experience what it is like to be a professional artist!

TENS OF THOUSANDS of people attend ArtWalk- this is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience interacting with potential customers, promote their work, and sell art in the local community!

What: Longmont’s 20th Triannual ArtWalk!

“Art that’s worth walking for. On a night worth getting out for.”  

Feel free to check out their website at 

Where: Located in historic downtown Longmont! ArtWalk shuts down Main Street to cars and becomes pedestrian friendly along Main street, spanning from 3rd to 9th Avenue! FRCC’s booth will be located on the EAST side of 4th Avenue (between Main Street and Kimbark Street, in the general vicinity of Ziggis’ Café).

When: Saturday, May 21st, 2016 – ArtWalk will be open to the public from 4-8pm (Tear down @ 8pm). Artists submitting work and Art Club members will be there setting up starting at 3pm.


    • Artists are required to spend a minimum of 1 hour working the booth, ideally more!
    • If you have a time conflict, please discuss it with us, as we need to know in advance!
  • Art Club is NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items. That is why we STRONGLY recommend working the booth. Not only will you get to hang out with your awesome FRCC Art Club, you will have the chance to talk to the public, sell your work, give out business cards, keep an eye out for thieves and make sure your art is safe and displayed the right way!  Per Longmont’s guidelines, we must be completely packed up and gone by 8:30pm-no exceptions.
  • There is NO limit to the number of items you are allowed to bring to sell. Isn’t that AWESOME? 🙂 It is likely that not all of your items will be on display at one time. As your items sell, we will put more out, but we want to make sure everyone has space for their work.
  • All types of artwork are allowed (excluding inappropriate, profane or derogatory subjects and perishable food items. If you question if your art falls into one of the excluded categories, please email us.) You may have as many different types of work as you’d like, and art is not limited to academic creations! Examples: jewelry, ceramics, photography, mixed media, paintings, sewing, drawings, knitting, crafting, etc- your imagination is the limit!


  • Please fill out the master itemized list to bring with your art! This list needs to include each item for sale with asking price and a description (optional pics are helpful!). This list will be used to pay you for your work and assist with loss prevention, so make sure your items are correct!! Leslie will also have blank copies of the master list available in the Ceramics department, and also at Art Walk.
  • See Leslie for pricing stickers, or you may make your own. ALL price stickers must have your 3 initials (First,Middle,Last) and your asking price in clear, legible print. If you are handwriting your price stickers, please write with a marker or pen- something that is easy to read and doesn’t erase!
  • Price your work accordingly! We are happy to make suggestions but recommend at least pricing your work to cover your wholesale costs. Pricing your work based on time, labor, and cost of materials is often the best way to go.General Pricing Guide: Set yourself a sensible hourly wage, add the cost of materials, and make that your asking price. For example: If materials cost $10 and you take 4 hours to make the art at $10 per hour, then you price your item at $50.
  • Art Club will be in charge of ALL sale transactions. We will accept credit cards and cash from the public. Any credit card transactions will be subject to the 3% credit card processing fee (and will be deducted from your sales). All profits will be available to pick up from FRCC’s ceramics classroom on the first day of spring 2016 classes! Please contact us to arrange alternate arrangements. Art Club is taking ZERO cut from your sales. Please be nice to us!!! We are happy to offer this experience for you, and hope to make this a biannual opportunity!

If you have any questions, comments, need to arrange alternate pick up/drop off options, get lost on the day of the event, or for anything else, please contact us at:

Eliza Graves, FRCC Art Club President


Leslie Macklin, Ceramics Art Instructor & Art Club Advisor

Lastly, PLEASE tell your friends and family, and spread the word on social media!! We expect a great turnout, and we can’t wait!!!

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