2013 Chalk-A-Block Event

Chalk Art 2013- We had our 2nd Outdoor Sidewalk Chalk Event and hand another wonderfully colorful time. This year we made some of our own chalk with a recipe from pinterest: plaster of paris and tempera paint along with water and a few drops of food coloring. Mixed together and poured into paper cups, after three days of drying time we had some very vibrant chalk!

We also purchased Chalk from the local Michaels store and got the new Crayola sidewalk chalks that had some very bright colors and the standard pastels as well. We have a lot left, but only in the soft, muted pastels. They’ll be a GREAT base for next time, and we’ll mix up some of our own with the bright colors as well as giving charcoal a try–we’ll be sure to test it first for ease of cleaning, as we did with the plaster chalks.

Here’s a gallery of images from the 2013 Fall Semester Chalk-a-Block Event.

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