Student Art Show and Sale Fall 2013

Fall-SAS-2013Things are coming together for the Student Art Show and Sale Wednesday Nov. 20th. It will run from 9am-3pm with setup starting at 8am.

There’s a new music club at FRCC, and we will work together to have live music all day at this event! (Or as much of the 5 hours as we can fill, and we already have several slots filled with great musicians…some ambient or classical, some not!)

We have requested 15 tables/spaces to split up between artists selling their work. It does NOT have to be work that was created in class but does have to be original work. We will work to fit everybody in that wants to do this sale (we can get more tables, and several artist who don’t have a lot of inventory can share a table as well.

There are no fees and no commissions. You don’t have to fill out an inventory–you DO have to watch your table and run your own sales.That’s all very different from how things have gone before, and we’re going to give this method a try and see how we like it. If you want to take checks, you can, if you have a phone with a Square or other sales app you can run credit card sales. Sales tax collection and income reporting are the responsibility of the seller.  You can build the tax into your sales and figure it out later while making the making change thing easier. $5, $10, 15, $20…all nice easy to add numbers! Bring single dollars, fives and a ten or two for making change. We also have ATMs in the Commons area for customers to use.

If you are interested in selling, let me know!

So far on the list I have:
Erin DeLargy – jewelry, leather
Josh Betz – mosaics
Sarajane Helm – jewelry, ceramics, textiles
Bryan Helm – mosaics
Annie Seiple – needlework, textiles
Nicolle Pratt – jewelry
Mercedes Lindenoak – jewelry, bead work
Margie Drake – jewelry, glass
Lee Waldman – woodwork
Jessica Perez – ceramics, jewelry
Dawn Maggio – ceramics
Marcella Moy – jewelry, chocolate
Ariella Nicollette – mixed media
Debbie Hill – ceramics
Rhonda Hoffman – ceramics
Ami Lamkin – ceramics
Jennifer Campos – jewelry, beads, boxes, houses

frcc-art-fall-2013-two-up click the link for a printable form with two on a page

click here to download the press release

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