Maura Rieman

Maura Rieman is an artist working in clay and mixed media.

“The communion with and respect for “truth” from all different cultures, tribes, religions, traditions, and rituals are the central themes of my work. I make pieces that can’t be pinned down to any one source, thus leaving space for personal truth and interpretation.

Hand making beautiful functional pots appeals to my practical side but I’m driven to let stories unfold as I work in a more spiritual and sculptural way. As I begin the work, I have a general sense of how to begin, then the work grows and the story unfolds, igniting  into small series of works that eventually are all pieced together to tell a story. They range from an etheric feel or sometimes a strong earthy flavor.

While starting with individual pieces, the ideas grow and evolve into mixed media installations, including photography, found object, sound, poetry, paintings and food. 

Sometimes even I don’t know where the story comes from until the installation is complete.  It is only then that I realize it’s source and meaning to me.   I find the revelations of creating to be comforting and balancing as I navigate through this thing called life.”

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